Have you noticed that sometimes you’re aware of certain truths even before you find out what the Bible says about them? This happens to the believer because the Holy Spirit is inside you, teaching and leading you.
God speaks directly to your spirit. Your spirit then relays His promptings to your mind—and suddenly you have a new thought. Possibly you realize you need to forgive some person. Or, you’ll think, I need to stop speaking contrary to God’s promises. Or you may wish to cease an unproductive activity in your life or you may have a new and needed “insight” about a situation. Consider the following scripture:
“But the anointing which you have received from Him abides in you, and you do not need that anyone teach you; but as the same anointing teaches you concerning all things, and is true, and is not a lie, and just as it has taught you, you will abide in Him.” 
– 1 John 2:27
Being aware of the Holy Spirit in your life and giving Him permission to lead you each day is the best way to start having more of these types of interactions from God. If you’re like me, you’ll do well to regularly turn off the distractions of this world–even putting away your phone or computer for a designated time. By refraining from the many electronic disturbances, you’ll become more aware of the Spirit of God in the details of your everyday life. As a result, you’ll be quicker to hear His promptings. You’ll start to get in the habit of allowing the Spirit of God to reveal His will for you. This will overhaul your decision making processes. And trust me, your decisions will improve dramatically! You will avoid stepping on the many “land mines” the enemy has placed in your path designed to take you away from God’s will and His best.
In no way does this diminish the power and need for the authority of God’s Word. In fact, the more time you spend in the Word the more often and clearly you will be reminded of a scripture or passage that addresses exactly what the Holy Spirit is speaking to you about. The Word is also a confirming source of truth. Everything we do should always line up with the Word of God. And remember, if faith is required to walk in the truth the Holy Spirit has given, that faith can only come from the confirmation of God’s Word.
“So then faith comes by hearing, and hearing by the word of God”
Romans 10:17..
On the contrary, Satan can also speak to you in a subtle voice. But his approach is to bypass your spirit and launch his attack directly in your mind or through your emotions. When you understand the difference between how God speaks and how our enemy speaks, it helps us to discern the source of the message. God’s interface is through your spirit where He dwells. Satan’s interface is through the natural man.

One of the first things that the Spirit said to me when I began to listen to His promptings was, to get away from this world and spend time alone with God. I started going into the mountains and spending time foregoing many comforts and distractions. It was just me, my dog, and nature. As I obeyed, I began to be impressed to spend at least four days and three nights in prayer every two months. Once I started this practice, my life changed and would never be the same. This evolved to spending one hour of prayer every day.

I remember the first time I went to the mountains to pray and be alone with God, something I hadn’t expected… happened. I heard the Holy Spirit’s still small voice about how I could handle a legal issue that had plagued our jet charter and sales business. Once I returned home, I applied this COMPLETELY “out of the box” strategy. The problem that had plagued us was resolved immediately. Tens of thousands of dollars were also saved. And once again God taught me the value of taking the time to hear His still small voice.

In this crazed world of 2021, Paula and I hear from people all over the world who are desiring to be a part of what God is doing in these last days. They desire to be a part of the Global Faithful Church.

God has not given the Holy Spirit to only a few. He’s given Him to all who will seek Him and request Him from the Father. In this time in which we live, we need the Holy Spirit in fullness and power more than ever. It is He Who will guide us into all truth if we will learn to be sensitive to His voice!

Think about how different your life could be if you knew the truth of God regarding every situation you face! Doesn’t that just make you want to listen to your spirit? Doesn’t it make you want to be on the keen edge of what God is saying? Then tune in to His still small voice.

Set aside time to turn off the distractions. Start tuning your ear to His still small voice within you. Ask Him for His guidance. Then welcome it into your everyday affairs. Listen for His promptings and honor Him by being quick to obey.

Believers everywhere are hearing the Spirit of God direct them to spend more time in prayer. Why not start today, dear friend? God is always desiring to speak to you.

Reminding you again, with God nothing is impossible.

Dale Black



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BREAKING:  Public Health in UK Reports 80% of COVID Deaths in August were Vaxed – 70% Higher Hospitalization Rate Also Among Vaccinated.


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