About the CRASH


As the only survivor of a horrific airplane crash, Dale’s life was forever been changed. When he was a nineteen-year-old brash young pilot in flight training, he boarded a commuter airplane along with two other pilots—carrying bank checks as cargo. Just after take-off, they violently crashed into a seven-story tall, 50’ X 50’ wide, Air Mausoleum. Called Portal of the Folded Wings it’s ironically dedicated to famous, deceased pilots. The first witnesses to the crash site determined that all three pilots were dead.

For three days Dale drifted in and out of a coma but not before taking an uncharted trip … to heaven. What he experienced; words cannot do justice. Even the best words pale before the indescribable. For many months following the crash, due to serious amnesia, he remembered almost nothing. Nothing of the crash. Nothing of the 70-foot fall into a tangled mass of metal debris. He remembered nothing of the first three days in the hospital, nor his visit to heaven. Dale says, “For months my mind did not remember. My heart? Well, that’s a different story”.

It took 40 years for Dale to hear from God to finally tell his story. The story is written about in two books: Flight to Heaven (2010-Bethany House) and an intimate detailed account included lessons learned in Visiting Heaven (2023-Destiny Image).