About Paula Black

Paula Black is on a mission to bring awareness that there is, and has been for many years, a cure for cancer. It involves treating the whole person—Body, Soul and Spirit, as described in the breakthrough book “Life, Cancer and God.” Her God-given approach is effective, Biblically-based, and lifesaving.

After being told she had 3-6 months to live, Paula reversed her advanced-stage cancer—without chemotherapy, without radiation and without drugs. That was 20 years ago. She got her life back and now brings this inspirational and life-saving message to this generation.

Paula and her husband now live in North Idaho, the state where Paula was born. Raised primarily in California, Paula experienced life in a busy pastor’s home. Church-life was the center of her family activities. And as she matured, her focus toward a love for God became very personal and powerful.

She met her husband Dale at Pasadena College (now Point Loma Nazarene University) and they married less than a year later. Only three months after marriage, they traveled to the jungles of Northern Peru to work with the primitive Aguaruna Indian tribe, launching a lifetime love for ministry and missions.

In 1981 they founded Eagle International Ministries, a/k/a Dale Black Ministries, and began training and transporting lay ministers throughout the world on short-term evangelistic mission trips, called Angel Flights. They built several churches in South and Central America, an orphanage in Guatemala, and have distributed hundreds of thousands of Bibles and gospel tracts in various languages worldwide.

For many years, alongside their ministry, they operated a profitable pilot training/jet charter and jet sales business to support their passion for world evangelism. Since then, their lives have been packed with business, aviation, missions, and ministry.

After a full career in aviation and business, they sold their earthly possessions to follow a full-time call into ministry; to plant a new church, continue the Angel Flights, and fulfill ministry outreach.

Both Dale and Paula are on a mission—to bring hope and healing to any who desire to live in health, grow in spiritual knowledge, and walk in the reality of a personal relationship with a powerful, loving God.

Paula Black Ministries, Winning Over Cancer Ministries, and a Cancer Coaching Ministry are outreaches of Dale Black Ministries, Inc.