About Dale Black

CAPT. DALE BLACK, in his new book, “Visiting Heaven,” recounts the tragic plane crash that took the lives of two other pilots. Although he was the lone survivor, Dale broke nearly every bone in his body and severed his right eye. His recovery was slow and painful, but the results were miraculous. What no one knew was that his journey went well beyond the emergency room and hospital. Dale actually died and had what many term as a near death experience. But he kept what he saw, heard and learned to himself for over four decades based on advice from his grandfather, who was the only person Dale confided in.

“My experience was extremely sacred and very difficult to talk about. But within a few weeks of the crash, I told my grandfather who I trusted and who was my spiritual mentor. He suggested that I not speak about it, but live it out through my life, which is exactly what I chose to do. I told no one else for 40 years—not even my wife—until I believed God was telling me to share it.”      

As an author and teacher of the Bible, Dale brings a unique perspective of heaven’s viewpoint, most specifically regarding what God is doing through the events of the end times. He shares this perspective on Heaven’s View Podcast, which he hosts with his wife Paula.

Dale has spent his life in three areas: aviation, business, and sharing the love of Jesus to countless thousands. For over thirty years Dale and Paula led scores of teams on short term Christian missionary projects to over 50 countries.

His career has included working as a former commercial pilot, airline pilot instructor, FAA designated jet examiner, and aviation accident prevention counselor. He has captained flights throughout the world and trained thousands of professional pilots—all while building and operating several businesses.

Dale continues to touch lives in ways that are life-changing. The greatest joy he has is to share the love of God—introducing people into a personal relationship with Jesus Christ. Dale and Paula host Heaven’s View Podcast, seen on YouTube and other platforms.

Dale with Dr. Graham, On July 18, 1979, the 10th anniversary of the crash. Inside the cockpit of TWA Boeing 747 at LAX.

Dale & Paula inside a Boeing 737 on the 25th anniversary of the crash.