Project: Pickup Truck

Pickup Truck Needed

In order to continue effectively writing, and to be able to move the 5th wheel satellite ministry office as necessary, a truck is much needed. The cost is $21,990 for a 2015 Ford F250 4WD Crew Cab 156 XLT. This is the size/strength needed.

Dale and Paula Black sensed the leading of the Holy Spirit years ago to sell and donate their multi-million-dollar business, their home and other real estate, to become fully dependent upon God’s provision, and to live by faith. They sold, or gave away, all of their earthly possessions to follow God’s call on their lives. Dale felt that God asked him for “total surrender, total obedience, total dependence”.

Since the disbursement of their earthly assets, they have founded an orphanage, built multiple churches, a medical clinic, and led hundreds of teams around the world distributing Bibles & gospel tracts, medical aid, showing the Jesus film, and spreading the gospel of Jesus Christ, to countless thousands.

Today, Dale says his entire life has been in preparation for being a watchman and teacher for the children of God, leading up to Jesus’ return. He believes that we are in the final generation. Currently Dale is working on a new book covering this complex subject and writing to make it easy to understand.

We have entered a time where Dale and Paula firmly believe they need to adjust their focus and direction toward helping people correctly understand what the Bible teaches regarding the events and timing of the Last Days.

In addition, Dale and Paula continue to prioritize helping many find eternal life in heaven through faith in Jesus Christ.

To fulfill this new and urgent call, Dale and Paula need your help—funds for a used pickup truck is needed to pull a 5th wheel, which acts as a satellite office and writing studio.

If your heart is stirred to join us in these efforts, please give today to the Truck Project.

.v*Approximately $1800 additional is needed if a 5th wheel hitch is not already installed.