Heaven’s View Podcast with Dale & Paula

Dale and Paula are co-hosting the Heaven’s View Podcast, on a new channel. You do not want to miss these weekly end-time messages.

Heaven’s View presents a desperately needed focus on the last days—current events in light of biblical truth. Dale and Paula making it easier than ever to understand what’s ahead and how to prepare for what’s coming. And we need your help as we launch this new work.

Among mainstream Christians, there is a pervading belief in what has been coined, “the Pre-tribulation rapture.” This doctrine is a growing danger to all who trust in it. It is taught through books and the pulpits, yet not found in God’s Word except through multiple out-of-context verses and misinterpretations that tickle the ears and give deceptive comfort to the sheep.

It teaches believers of Jesus Christ’s that they will not be on earth when the events signaling the Lord’s second coming take place. Many who continue to believe in the pre-tribulation rapture are going to be caught completely off guard in a most lethal way when the Antichrist steps onto the stage of history.

We do not desire to discredit other teachers, authors and pastors—only to bring into clarity, what God’s Word teaches on this subject. Heaven’s View Podcast is not intended to win debates of theology, but is being conducted under the strict compulsion of the Holy Spirit to speak loudly, clearly, and without fear about God’s view of current events. It is for the love of God’s people and for the love of God’s Word that this podcast exists.

Dogmatism is seldom a good thing, however having a difference of opinion is common and to be expected. But when it comes to end time events and how they will unfold, it is extremely unsettling to see the vast majority of Christians completely unprepared for what’s ahead. Misinformation, strategically and intentionally planted in the Christian world by our enemy, is creating sitting ducks for destruction from the Antichrist.

There will be one generation of believers on planet Earth that will encounter the Antichrist. It is those who will experience a shortened great tribulation according to Matthew chapter 24:21-24. It is the faithful in that last generation who will be rescued and delivered by Jesus Christ at the rapture. You may be in that final generation. We are convinced that most people reading this article, and watching our podcast will be.

If the believers of Jesus Christ can get an accurate understanding, which the Bible makes clear, then the followers of Jesus will not be blindsided, and they will not be caught off guard. Our goal is to help make these truths understandable and clear, using God’s infallible Word.

On the other hand, if believers do not understand the truth. They will be in line for a much larger, spiritual 9-11 than can be comprehended. Heaven’s View is a bold warning to any and all who have hearing ears and open hearts, to be prepared for what is coming very soon.

We need your help to make this happen. In October, the need is to raise $12,000 to get the podcast launched. Thank you for your support.

Tune in to Heaven’s View Podcast… beginning October 7th and continuing weekly on YouTube and other alternative platforms.