The immense love of God. A desire for others to know Jesus. An eternal perspective. Eyes that see the way God designed them. Dale shares from his heart in answer to the question: “What were your first thoughts after waking from the coma in the hospital?” 

Keep thanking God for answered prayers, dear friends. Thank Him for all the things He has already done for you and for your family. When we do our part, God always does His part. Remember, with God nothing is impossible!

Sent with love and prayers
Dale and Paula

(Watch “FIRST WITNESS COMES FORWARD” Visiting Heaven: Behind the Scenes.” Click on image below).

What Others Are Saying:
   “Thanks Dale… Another great message. Keep them coming!”  Dave H.
   “Amazing interview! (video: First Witness of Crash Comes Forward)! I remember Dale, how you described the scene as you witnessed it from a vantage point while out of your physical body. You reported that one of the pilots was “clearly deceased.” Hearing the testimony from this man was truly gripping and surreal!” Eric L.
    “I am so excited about seeing your new book out … Thank you so much for your commitment to the gospel.”  Toni – Virginia
  “I would like to learn from you about all these problems people are suffering from. I’m studying medical missionary at Riverside farm institute (Zambia). I want to have more information to save myself first, and help other people. Your help will be highly appreciated.” Isaac – Zambia

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Click below to watch Dale in “FIRST WITNESS COMES FORWARD” Visiting Heaven: Behind the Scenes.

First Witness to the Crash of July 18, 1969

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