As this world approaches the last days, it is imperative that Christians see Jesus as more than only a friend and buddy. Of course, all Christians are glad to know Jesus as Savior. But today’s “Messages From Heaven” video series is about knowing Jesus in His other roles as well. He is the Messiah. Jesus is the Prophet. He is Priest. He is the King of Kings and Lord of Lords. But what about… as Judge? Are you ready for that? Watch Part 2 of this time critical message about how we can “Face the Last Days Without Fear” by Dale Black.

Let us be reminded that fierce times are coming. Perilous times are ahead, but He has a specific plan for your life for such a time as this. You can face the coming time of great testings with confidence and without fear.

With love and support to be all God wants you to be. Remember, with God nothing is impossible. 

Dale and Paula Black

Historic Event! After more than 30 years, Capt. Dale returns to American Airlines as keynote speaker: Friday, August 24th / Fort Worth, Texas / 8 am / $35 / at the CR Smith – Flight Museum, which is on American Airlines Flight Academy Main Campus. What an inspiring venue with a great deal of history behind it! Dale will be presenting his talk “Adventure in Adversity.” Add your prayers for God’s blessings (see Events for more info.)  Learn more:

What Others are Saying:
    “May the LORD use you mightily! Again, thanks for sharing your experience and serving Jesus.” Jim – FL
    “Just last night I watched your testimony. I felt the presence of the Lord filled my room. His peace enveloped me as I watched many of your Youtube Videos.”
Margie – CO
     “Thank you for expressing Gods heart right here. It is spot on for what God wanted me to hear. Thank you for your obedience to God. I love the way in which you submit to Jesus.” Captain Gawie – So. Africa
    Thank you for All you guys are doing for the Kingdom. May The Lord richly bless you. We hope to meet you one day.” Kathleen (Radio Talk Show Host) – FL

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