Web-Tv: $200 Buys 1 Pixel. Goal: 650 Pixels

Updated September 1, 2018:
for the Web-TV Project have now reached almost 17% toward the very much needed goal of 650. (108 pixels of 650 are sponsored). Thank You Partners and Donors for helping us take new ground for the gospel of Jesus. In the last year everything has grown substantially. During the last 365 days, 109 video teachings were produced. This includes “Messages From Heaven,”  “Winning Over Cancer,” videos.

We do not want to focus too much on numbers, but sometimes measurable facts provide a guideline for how God is using you, our partners and friends. Total views and subscribers on the DBM Ministries channel have more than TRIPLED in UNDER 12 months! Praise the Lord. This means that currently, there are between 2,000 – 4,000 individuals watching the video teachings every day. Our incoming emails have gone up substantially and we’re reading and responding as well as we can with our limited time and help. Obviously many people are watching and growing in their Christian faith, thank the Lord.

A year ago at this time, there was a total of 98,000 views on our DBM Channel. Today that number is 414,255. One year ago we had 806 subscribers. Today there are 3,123. This is all on ONE channel—DBM Ministries Channel. We have videos on 4 other channels and if we add them together along with social media, the number is approximately 1,640,280 views. See what God is doing? He is touching many lives because you are partnering with us to preach God’s word.

We recognize it is you, our Partners and Friends, who are funding these programs which are seen regularly in over 194 countries. God is using you to bring the increase while we do our best to be faithful with the message He has given. So please know that God is using you in mighty and awesome ways. Again, thank you!

During Phase II of the WEB-TV Project, 650 Pixels are needed to keep us preaching God’s Word to hundreds of thousands and to share the gospel of Jesus Christ with all who the Lord brings. Please continue praying for the harvest of souls and the strengthening of the Believers.

If you are not a partner or donor of this ministry already, please pray about joining in. Will you help keep the gospel of the kingdom of God going forward worldwide? Many are being saved. Scores are being strengthened and ministered to each day. We are currently hearing from people in Russia, South Africa, throughout Europe, South and Central America, Canada, Australia, New Zealand, and Israel, to name a few. Lives are being transformed as we work to build God’s kingdom for the glory of the Lord. Part of our teaching is also dedicated to bringing healing to the body of Christ by ministering to the whole person—body, soul and spirit. We specialize in blending God’s spiritual truths with the natural laws of health. Where the miraculous meets the practical.

Is your heart stirred? If so, join us today and donate toward the WEB-TV Project.

All Donors will have their names included on the wall plaque inside the ministry offices and studio. In addition, for a gift of $1000 or more toward the Web-TV Project (5 pixels or more), your name will be engraved on a LEAF and added to the Tree of Life on the wall of our ministry offices. We need your help and we need it now. Please click below or go to the GIVING Page on this website.

Thank you for DONATING

God bless you!
Dale and Paula Black

*If you prefer to give by check or money order please make your donation payable to Dale Black Ministries and mail to: P.O. Box 130085, Carlsbad, CA 92013. To make a donation by phone, call: 951-526-2101 and leave a message. Please be patient, someone from our part-time volunteer staff will call you back. Thank you very much!

*  Watch for updates on this site. Thank you again! And God bless you multiplied over!

Web-TV Donors

James Fargo – 1 pixel
Jim & Jeanne Hamelink – 10* Pixels
Don Aaskow
Barbara Swindall – 1 pixel
Ron Short – 1 pixel
Carlos Delgado – 5 pixels*
Jean Capps – 3 Pixels
Jack Maendel – 10 pixels*
Arky Du – 5 Pixels*
Greg & Sue Friesen
Dale & Paula
Ron & Daphne Short
Greg Friesen
Rajan Nathaniel – 5 Pixels* 
Edward and Lupe Keller – 2 Pixels
Don and Nancy Aaskow
Jack Maendel – 6 Pixels* *One Leaf on Tree of Life.
Rolf and Anneli Bergstedt
Jean Capps
Dale & Paula Black – 3 Pixels
Greg and Sue Friesen
Jack Maendel – 1 pixel/mo.
Joyce Black
Jeanne Lonn
Carlos Delgado – 12 pixels** 
Scott and Lorraine Rogers – 3 Pixels

*One Leaf on Tree of Life