For most people bringing up the subject of demons is often greeted with superstition and dread. But the reality is, there truly are two spiritual kingdoms at work in this world—Satan’s and God’s.

Believer’s who acknowledge Satan’s kingdom, often have the attitude that says, “If I leave demons alone, they’ll leave me alone.” Unfortunately, demons will not leave you alone. And being a Christian doesn’t protect you. Demons view Christians as primary targets for their attack. So if the above is true (and it is) then knowing how to deal effectively with demons is of vital importance to you and your families well-being.

This week’s Messages From Heaven Video is about “Demons” and how you can not fear them and in fact, you will exercise the authority of God over them.

As American Christians we are accustomed to power and security. When we suddenly feel powerless and vulnerable it gives us the opportunity for growth and to be a witness. Jesus told us to let your light shine in a dark world (Matthew 5:14-16), and our response in a situation like this may be such a time to shine.

Dale and Paula

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      “A faith refreshing reminder of God’s Word. Thanks Dale and Paula. I thank you from the bottom of my heart for this encouraging revelation!!” Leon
   “Thank you for sharing your powerful testimony Dale, it’s touching hearts and changing lives for the better.” Daryl
   “Thank you SO much Brother Dale. Your messages mean the world to me. God bless you always! I needed to hear this tonight.” G.G.
    “BEAUTIFUL Dale! To God be the glory! We need you and your spirit filled life here on earth Dale! The Lord has blessed you! Kathy

    “God bless you brother. This indeed is ” REVIVAL. ” Keep the fire burning till we see Him in glory in Jesus Mighty Name. Amen.” Olubunmi 
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