Need more power? Want increased spiritual strength in your life today? Want to be best prepared for the last days? This video teaching by Dale Black gives 8 Keys that could give you the edge you’re looking for in gaining more power in your spiritual life. Try these 8 steps and see what happens. Part 1 of 2 from Bible teacher and pastor Dale Black

Remember to ‘listen’ to the voice of God which can only be heard with a sensitive heart. You can do it! With God nothing is impossible!
Dale & Paula  

BELIEVERS Stand Up. Be bold and UNITE!  Together we can do amazing and wonderful things. Look at this promise from God to the children of Israel. “Five of you shall chase a hundred, and a hundred of you shall put ten thousand to flight.” Leviticus 26:8. 

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What Others Are Saying:
   “I was in an accident 23 years ago. You just changed my life watching you on YouTube. Thank you and God bless!!!” Katherine – Paris
“Thank you Dale. I am already inspired after watching a few of your videos. To be filled by the Holy Spirit really hit home. That is what I need in my life. God bless.” Sjoerd – South Africa
    “Thank you for being an inspiration for us all! Priase Jesus!” Vladimir – Colorado
    “I just finished reading your awesome book, Flight To Heaven. Thank you for the courageous journey that allows so many to see heaven. I recently lost my only daughter. I vowed to bring one million souls into the Kingdom for the life cut short by satan! Your book has inspired me to forge ahead and keep that vow. I look forward to learning more about your ministry and developing my spiritual gifts to serve our King Jesus more wholly.” Jacene – Kentucky
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