“How God Heals” – Audio Book (3-CDs) by Dale Black


Are you still waiting for a breakthrough. Learn the biblical principles that promise healing for everyone. This 3-CD Set will help those who are struggling, confused and not getting results you need. “How God Heals” Audio Book by author and Bible Teacher, Capt. Dale Black, is a valuable resource to understand the spiritual principles of healing. Anyone who is sick will find answers to seldom discussed questions which are vital for receiving healing from God. These startling truths can bring hope and faith for YOUR healing. Purchase your copy today.



This is Your Guide to Divine Health. Learn the following (and more):

  • How to Know With Certainty God Wants You Well
  • Why Are Some Healed and Others Are Not
  • Does God Use Sickness To Teach Spiritual Lessons?
  • Does God Receive Glory Through Suffering?
  • If Healing Is God’s Will, why Aren’t More People Healed?

Capt. Dale Black is a former airline pilot, businessman and missionary. As the only survivor of a horrific airplane crash, Dale experienced a remarkable journey to heaven while his body lay in a coma. Dale’s spiritual life was transformed, but due to massive injuries, hope for a normal physical life was gone. Inspirited to learn all he could about God, Dale also uncovered truths about healing. Eventually he learned how God heals and Dale’s body was miraculously restored. Now Pastor Dale teaches these startling truths which can bring hope and faith for YOUR healing too.

Author of the Bestselling Book
“Flight To Heaven” and the book “Life, Cancer and God”

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