Life, Cancer and God (Paperback)


The Essential Guide to Beating Cancer and Chronic Disease by Blending the Natural Laws of Health with the Spiritual Laws of the Bible. Healing Your Body, Soul and Spirit.

by Paula Black and Capt. Dale Black
(Paperback book – autographed by both authors)

The Essential Guide to Beating Cancer. Riveting! Shocking! Eye Opening! A roadmap to successfully treating cancer and other chronic diseases! As featured on the cover of “Publisher’s Weekly” this beautifully written, inspirational and enlightening memoir may be the ultimate victory-over-cancer story. The author’s journey from advanced-stage cancer, to near death, to complete healing is destined to become a faith-based BEST SELLER.



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In the prime of life–as a wife, mother and businesswoman–Paula heard the dreaded words: “It’s cancer.” Doctors gave her 3 to 6 months to live. Her husband, a former airline pilot instructor who had become the senior pastor of a growing church, became Paula’s full-time cancer researcher. The two began discovering everything they could about her fatal disease. They met with doctors and oncologists, talked with cancer patients and their families–tirelessly researching every conventional and alternative cancer treatment available. Mostly they prayed.

Ultimately, they felt God revealed the BODY-SOUL-SPIRIT Approach–which deals with the whole person–treating root causes of disease, not just symptoms. It was this approach that saved Paula’s life. Twenty months from initial diagnosis her advanced-stage cancer was gone; without chemotherapy–without radiation–and without drugs.
Easy to read–the authors express medical concepts and terminology in words and ideas the layperson can easily understand. You won’t find this information discussed in mainstream media, nor talked about in your doctor’s office.

Prepare to laugh, cry, hold your breath and shout for joy as you accompany this husband and wife on their incredible journey of faith–where personal struggles collide with biblical insight. Learn how Paula defied medical logic, reversed terminal cancer PERMANENTLY and got her life back.


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