It is one thing to KNOW God’s Word. It’s another thing entirely to DO God’s Word. Knowing His word is the starting point, for sure. But living out God’s promises in your real life requires faith. But know this, when you apply your faith to a situation, it is then that you experience power. Not your power, His power. But with His power you will see amazing New Testament kind of results from your prayers.

Applying God’s Word with faith, is how you build your house upon the rock foundation. This is what the Bible calls being a “doer of the Word”.

Look at what Jesus said: “So Jesus answered and said to them, “Have faith in God.  For assuredly, I say to you, whoever says to this mountain, ‘Be removed and be cast into the sea,’ and does not doubt in his heart, but believes that those things he says will be done, he will have whatever he says. Therefore I say to you, whatever things you ask when you pray, believe that you receive them, and you will have them.” Mark 11:22-24 NKJV

For me this major lesson occurred when I was 20 years of age. I’ll abbreviate the experience here, but if you’d like to read it in more detail check out “Dale’s Migraine Headaches” in a previous newsletter (click link to read).

After the airplane crash I suffered from severe migraine headaches. I would get sick, nauseous, dizzy, and almost always get to the point of vomiting. I couldn’t think, I couldn’t work. It was about a year after the airplane crash and I was discovering more and more in God’s Word. When I learned that “by His stripes I was healed,”–meaning healed in past tense–that promise from God transformed me.  I knew that Jesus had paid the price for my healing already. His stripes were the lashings He took on His back just prior to His crucifixion. I visualized the beating He endured and the blood which flowed. I also thought about the fact that He did it for me. This revelation of truth changed me.

As the headaches continued, the real issue was: Can I trust God? Is God’s Word true… really true? It was either God’s Word or my will. Which was it? I had already learned and experienced so much in my year of recovery after the crash, but now I was wondering it God’s word would apply to something like a headache. Although I was only 20 years old, the lesson I learned was permanent and has lasted a lifetime.

What I learned was not only to believe—but also to expect to receive. God always wants to heal–there are no exceptions. Once I settled this lesson between God and me, I was cured. Healed. Those headaches have never returned. In the 46 years since, I have never suffered from another migraine headache. Check out the link above with the full story to find out what the turning point was for me.

I’m older now and wiser. I’ve learned a LOT of things about faith, about healing, and about God and His Word. I’ve discovered that faith is a force. Patience (not giving up) is also a force. And when you combine faith with patience, you can move mountains.

So trust in God and believe His promises. Be in tune with the Holy Spirit so that you can hear HIS VOICE.

P.S. I am offering a caution here: Be careful about a sudden reduction of prescription medicine. Prescription drugs can have serious side effects and are almost always counterproductive at their root.  A sudden disuse of these drugs can be dangerous, even lethal. Reducing and eliminating the use of prescription medicine must be done slowly, gradually and safely. Although I do not agree with, nor recommend the usage of prescription drugs, you must handle eliminating their use carefully and wisely. If you can find a doctor who truly cares about helping their patients, they will agree with your desire to get off of prescription drugs and assist you in doing that.

How are you doing this week with making obedience your top priority? Obedience to God is the shortest path to His blessings in this earth… and beyond. You are loved and are in our prayers. Remember, with God nothing is impossible.

Always your brother and sister,
Dale and Paula

What others are saying:
“…well spoken, Captain Black. You put words to my faith.”
Ralph W.

   “Thank you so much for this article today. So much truth in it plus it was so timely. I find myself just in the same situation you discussed, seeking the Lord for answers & provision through prayer & His Word too. Your article was a great encouragement. Continued blessings on your ministry.” Rachael
   “I just came across your testimony and teaching on healing via U tube. I just ordered your books and teachings and look forward to reading and listening! I was diagnosed with late stage “insurable’ Mesothelioma 3 years ago and have believed for my healing and am walking in health! I feel God’s leading in ministering hope and healing to other cancer patients and seriously ill people, so am blessed to find your resources! Thanks for your obedience. May God open more doors for you!” Susan C.
   “Oooo dear Dale. Every time I watch your messages I want to cry. You are so sincere. I am so glad God uses you to bring comfort to my soul. You radiate God’s love.” Faan N. – Pretoria, South Africa
“Hi Dale-just wanted to touch base with you to say how much I appreciated your teaching on hearing God’s voice today. It really reinforces my own experience and walk with the Lord and it was encouraging to hear the principles spelled out again. My prayer for you and Paula is that you continue to run with endurance (emphasis on the word endurance) the race God has mapped out for you in this ministry. Be encouraged! HE will do it! God bless.” Mike and Judy – Melbourne Australia
  “God Bless You!” Clint J.

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