Life, Cancer and God

The Essential Guide to Beating Cancer. Riveting! Shocking! Eye Opening! A roadmap to successfully treating cancer and other chronic diseases!

 As featured on the cover of “Publisher’s Weekly” this beautifully written, inspirational and enlightening memoir may be the ultimate victory-over-cancer story. The author’s journey from advanced-stage cancer, to near death, to complete healing is destined to become a faith-based BEST SELLER.

In the prime of life–as a wife, mother and businesswoman–Paula heard the dreaded words: “It’s cancer.” Doctors gave her 3 to 6 months to live. Her husband, a former airline pilot instructor who had become the senior pastor of a growing church, became Paula’s full-time cancer researcher. The two began discovering everything they could about her fatal disease. They met with doctors and oncologists, talked with cancer patients and their families–tirelessly researching every conventional and alternative cancer treatment available. Mostly they prayed.
Ultimately, they felt God revealed the BODY-SOUL-SPIRIT Approach–which deals with the whole person–treating root causes of disease, not just symptoms. It was this approach that saved Paula’s life. Twenty months from initial diagnosis her advanced-stage cancer was gone; without chemotherapy–without radiation–and without drugs.
Easy to read–the authors express medical concepts and terminology in words and ideas the layperson can easily understand. You won’t find this information discussed in mainstream media, nor talked about in your doctor’s office.
Prepare to laugh, cry, hold your breath and shout for joy as you accompany this husband and wife on their incredible journey of faith–where personal struggles collide with biblical insight. Learn how Paula defied medical logic, reversed terminal cancer PERMANENTLY and got her life back.

By Karen J. Wilson on February 15, 2014

I appreciated the raw honesty shared in this book. The research included is phenomenal. The authors’ personal journey is shared in a very straight forward way. I have been involved in the medical field for 40 years. I have witnessed firsthand, patients undergoing treatment for their cancer. I have also administered the treatment myself. About 5 years ago I made the decision to not undergo traditional cancer treatment if I ever have to face that devastating diagnosis. I have seen how the treatment ravages the human body and soul. Yes, there are those patients that survive. But more often, the outcome is not a healthy one! I totally concur with the concept of treating the body, soul and spirit. We, as human beings are complex and intertwined in our three parts with each part playing a major role in our total well-being. I would recommend this book to anyone searching for alternative therapy to treat cancer.

Paula’s story touched my heart and has deeply effected my thinking. Her story is very powerful, though it is presented in a matter of fact and extremely readable way. Everyone has something to gain from this book; I wasn’t able to keep from finishing it in the matter of only two nights…It was too good to put down! I learned that oncologists are just tumor specialists, and that chemo is poisonous and harmful to our bodies. I was showed glaring details about how some major industries (read: money makers) in our wonderful country are using their power for less-than-good agendas. Dale and Paula are godly to the core, and it shows in their writing. Do not learn from the propaganda and misinformation you are being fed; take a chance, invest some money, and learn from good-hearted SURVIVORS what life is really all about. You will not be disappointed!

For context, I read about 2-4 books a month, and this book completely stood out. I’ve been recommending it to everyone….since almost everyone has (and everyone, sadly, eventually will) been effected by cancer directly or indirectly. I work as a health insurance consultant, and I can confirm the statistics and facts presented to some degree. 1 in 2 men will have cancer at some point in their life, same as 1 in 3 women will. Of those, few survive and even fewer survive 17 years without remission.

I do not go to church, and I don’t hardly read religious-based books. That said, Paula’s message is pure, loud and clear. She means well, and believes in wellness! If there isn’t anything more to life than that for you, I promise you will still appreciate this book if you read it with an open heart and mind.

The book is of nice quality: a glossy, strong cover. Soft white pages with surprisingly large and easy to read text. It is worth every penny! I hope you purchase this book, read it, and are changed by it as I was. All for the better.

I was so intrigued by what I was learning from this book I couldn’t put it down until I had soaked it all in! By DB on August 20, 2014

I do not have cancer nor does anybody in my family or circle of friends. I purchased this book only because I was familiar with Capt. Dale Blacks book Flight to Heaven that I had read some years ago. I remembered how inspired I was by Dale’s example of tried and tested faith during his long difficult recovery from an airplane crash. When I began reading Life, Cancer & God I was as much inspired by Paula’s faith. I was so intrigued by what I was learning from this book I couldn’t put it down until I had soaked it all in! I have prayed over persons in my church and we have lost them. Now that I understand what cancer is and what causes it I am able to pray and offer informative direction for those with cancer as well as reevaluate my own (and loved ones) eating habits and life style to help securer my God given good health! This book was also well thought out, no mumble jumble or repetitiveness to skip over. I do know of a retired co-worked that has recently been diagnosed with cancer and will deliver this book to his doorstep asap.

Cancer? Pray and read this book first By Becky Ireton on August 9, 2014

If you or a loved one have been diagnosed with cancer I urge to read this book. It is a testimony of someone given only months to live and beat the odds. You will quickly realize that you can control your health and life better than medical doctors. I am 52 yrs old and have been a registered nurse for 24 yrs. The first time I was diagnosed with breast cancer I did everything the conventional doctors told me to do . 7 months later I still have breast cancer. This time I prayed God would show me what to do. With this book and encouragement from a good friend I have started my healing journey. This book was the first one I read, its inspirational and real.