Earth-minded people often tend to deal with the symptoms of a situation rather than the root of the problem, which is where the real solution can be found. Fortunately, God guides us and helps us focus on root issues. His ways always lead to overcoming victory.

Take cancer (or other chronic diseases) for example. The medical system treats the symptoms of cancer rather than attacking the root problem. God designed our bodies to heal themselves and He also provided everything we would need to facilitate the healing process.

The medical industry defines “cancer” as colonies of malignant cells. These defective cells multiply and form a tumor or tumors. The conventional surgeon and oncologist may attempt to remove the tumor through one or more of three ways… surgery, chemotherapy, and/or radiation. But surgery, radiation and chemotherapy doesn’t cure cancer. Neither do drugs cure any disease. In fact, chemo and radiation cause cancer and make the root problem bigger. All of these methods simply—and ONLY—treat the symptoms of cancer. Therefore the root of the problem remains. There is no long-term hope for a patient who continues to treat the tumor as if the tumor is the cancer. The TUMOR IS NOT THE CANCER, it is a symptom of a much bigger problem.

Cancer is also NOT some foreign invader that strikes randomly. Everyone has cancer cells in their body, even babies, but not everyone gets the disease of “cancer”. Why? Because the body’s natural immune system seeks and destroys these bad cells. When the body’s immune system doesn’t function well enough, cancer cells remain in the body and begin to multiply. When the immune system is suppressed, over time, the cancer cells group together and form a tumor. Furthermore, no one can get rid of cancer by further destroying their immune system (which is exactly what happens with chemo, radiation and surgery).  What cancer patients must do is to reverse the factors that caused the cancer in their body in the first place. The full truth is that we give ourselves cancer gradually, over time, by the way we eat, drink, think and by the way we live (especially how we handle stress).

Thank the good Lord there IS a better way. We call it the Body-Soul-Spirit approach to healing cancer and other diseases. Looking out for your best interest.

Always your brother and sister,
Dale and Paula

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What others are saying:
“…well spoken, Captain Black. You put words to my faith.”
 Ralph W. 

   “Thank you so much for this article today. So much truth in it plus it was so timely. I find myself just in the same situation you discussed, seeking the Lord for answers & provision through prayer & His Word too. Your article was a great encouragement. Continued blessings on your ministry.” Rachael
   “I just came across your testimony and teaching on healing via U tube. I just ordered your books and teachings and look forward to reading and listening! I was diagnosed with late stage “insurable’ Mesothelioma 3 years ago and have believed for my healing and am walking in health! I feel God’s leading in ministering hope and healing to other cancer patients and seriously ill people, so am blessed to find your resources! Thanks for your obedience. May God open more doors for you!” Susan C.
   “Oooo dear Dale. Every time I watch your messages I want to cry. You are so sincere. I am so glad God uses you to bring comfort to my soul. You radiate God’s love.” Faan N. – Pretoria, South Africa
“Hi Dale-just wanted to touch base with you to say how much I appreciated your teaching on hearing God’s voice today. It really reinforces my own experience and walk with the Lord and it was encouraging to hear the principles spelled out again. My prayer for you and Paula is that you continue to run with endurance (emphasis on the word endurance) the race God has mapped out for you in this ministry. Be encouraged! HE will do it! God bless.” Mike and Judy – Melbourne Australia
  “God Bless You!” Clint J.

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