Speaking words of faith is a POWERFUL part of keeping your faith strong, stable, and focused. Faith cannot be silent or still. It always requires agreement, action, and I should add… risk. If you have nothing to lose, you don’t need faith. But if we need something from God, it is our responsibility to pray and also diligently search God’s Word for direction. If we truly believe God wants us well, then we must take some type of action in order to walk according to the truths He has revealed to you and I.

It’s important to understand that it is always His will for us to be healed. Continuously speaking words of faith from the Word of God helps us stay in agreement with the Lord. If you haven’t done this before, fasten your seat belt! It really works. Not as a mental exercise but as a force of faith. It works because it is inline with God’s principles, “As a man thinks in his HEART…so is he.” In addition, Jesus taught His disciples “to speak to the fig tree…” and “to say to the mountain….”

Many people are learning and growing from reading our book “Life, Cancer and God.”  And of course, we get many questions along the way. The following question came in this week, and it is not the first time. There is a new strategy in the medical system that you should be aware of. It’s about “smart” cancer, so let’s dig right in. Keep in mind, we believe God uses both the natural and the supernatural to bring healing when dealing with cancer.  This is exactly how Paula reversed cancer permanently.

Question: “Please explain ‘smart’ cancer. My wife’s oncologist said that her cancer was a “smart” cancer and that it is able to hide from the immune system. The doctor explained that the immune system is simply unable to attack this kind of cancer since its ‘smart’ because it bypasses the immune system entirely. Could this be true?”

Answer: No. Our research indicates there is no such thing as cancer that cannot be combated with a strong and healthy immune system.  All of the alternative experts (including both of us) know the truth about cancer and we disagree with your oncologist. Cancer does not just happen. Cancer doesn’t just strike randomly. We give cancer to ourselves, albeit unknowingly and unintentionally. We do this over a long period of time, one day at a time–by how we think, what we eat and drink, the way we handle stress and our lifestyle.

‘Smart’ cancer is in fact created by the drugs used to combat it. It is true that cancer cells become stronger and more resistant to drugs like chemotherapy once they are exposed to that treatment.

It is called ‘smart’ cancer because it changes in response to the drugs that attack it. Please know that the pharmaceutical companies make their money by selling drugs and they have a huge vested interest in continually creating new drugs to sell. Sadly, the cancer industry is fundamentally flawed. The new trend of “smart drugs” has been introduced because the previous generation of drugs caused the cancer to form a resistance. Therefore it requires stronger, more aggressive chemotherapy when the cancer comes back.

Nevertheless, cancer remains in your wife’s body because her immune system has been compromised by what she has been eating and drinking, by the way she is thinking and by the way she handles stress. This makes up what we call her lifestyle. In addition, if she has taken a round of chemo or radiation, those treatments have further damaged her immune systems integrity. Her best defense is to rebuild her immune system as quickly and powerfully as she is able. The immune system is our God-designed defense against cancer and other diseases. A strong immune system is the only way to attack cancer and disease at the root level, where it starts. Yet there is no money to be made in a natural, God-given approach. So the medical/pharmaceutical system spins the wheel yet again to treat the symptoms of the cancer with something they can manufacture and charge for.

Doctors are taught in medical training (which is largely paid for by the pharmaceutical companies) that cancer should be treated with surgery, drugs (i.e. chemo) and radiation. Cancer isn’t as much a disease as it is big business. These standard methods only treat the symptoms of the cancer and not the cause. We must search for the truth and look at the root problem.  Doctors are generally not bad people and in most cases they truly want to help but unfortunately they have been educated to keep the cancer machinery spinning. Many experts use the words that our doctors are brainwashed just as the general population has been.

When we suppress our God-given immune system by our unhealthy habits, eventually it is no longer able to keep the damage from tipping the scale at the cellular level. That is when disease such as cancer develops. Your wife’s cancer is not hiding from her immune system. And any time an oncologist prescribes chemotherapy or radiation or both, beware. Both of these treatments will do great damage and further suppress the person’s immune system, while also potentially becoming the cause of even more cancer.

It is impossible to develop cancer if one’s immune system is functioning properly. If you are already sick, then healing your immune system is the best method of reversing the disease. Your wife’s immune system can be rebuilt by avoiding chemotherapy and radiation and by improving the way she is managing her health.

Remember to think edifying thoughts as described in Philippians chapter 4. Continually ask God to reveal truth to you as you seek to learn and understand. Ask the Holy Spirit what things need to be changed. This is exactly what my wife and I did to permanently reverse, then cure, her terminal cancer. And by the way it’s exactly what you can do to help your wife rebuild her immune system and defeat cancer permanently. But there is no time to delay in getting all the information that you need.

God promises to guide us into all truth… and, remember, with God nothing is impossible.

Dale and Paula
Winning over cancer

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