We can beat cancer …. any kind of cancer … by allowing God’s truth and His wisdom to be applied to the whole person—body, soul and spirit. In this way we combine the supernatural healing of God with natural remedies for beating cancer permanently. We owe it to ourselves to know ALL of our options.

There is more great news. In principle what works for cancer also works for other disease in the body–like heart disease, diabetes, auto-immune disease and more. It’s an amazing thing that when the body gets healthy on the inside by treating the ROOT cause of disease, other ailments are treated at the same time. There is plenty of documentation for this.

God created our bodies to heal themselves of injury, sickness and disease. And He provided plant food for us to eat so that His design (our bodies) could remain healthy and functioning according to His plan. After the fall of man, sickness entered the earth so God sent His Word (Jesus) to heal us. When we combine the two–natural and supernatural–we get victorious results. But we must partner with the Lord, doing what we can do to bring ourselves into agreement with His design while also placing our trust in His Word and His will to heal us.

You’re created and designed by God. He loves you. His will is for you to be well and live an abundant life. But you may be sick, have cancer, and be uncertain of how to reverse your situation. Start by realizing that you do have power. You have choices. And you have access to God’s wisdom and power to heal. START RIGHT NOW… Make good decisions that will change your circumstances. Generally, the medical system doesn’t want you to believe that you have power to manage your own health, but you do. They don’t want you to resist their methods of treatment for disease (which treat symptoms, not the root cause). But you do have the ability to change things. It’s critical that you manage your own health care! You cannot afford to turn that responsibility over blindly to someone else.

God’s Word is full of information that guides us in a journey toward health. Here is one verse that’s a good representation of that principle… but there are many more.

1 Corinthians 10:31 tells us, “Therefore, whether you eat or drink, or whatever you do, do all to the glory of God.” Can you truly say that you’re living in agreement with this scripture? When I was diagnosed with terminal cancer, I didn’t have any idea I was violating that principle, nevertheless I was. I had to self-educate and make changes… FAST. I overhauled my entire life—spirit, soul and body—and got well without chemo, or radiation or more surgery or debilitating drugs even though the doctors strongly recommended all of these treatments.

If you’re sick and haven’t even analyzed what you eat or drink, then you’re ignoring the most likely source of your illness. Not knowing the truth about something does not save us from the consequences of our actions. There is a law in this world called “cause and effect.” For every action there is a resulting effect. Our health is a prime example of this principle.

You may or may not be surprised by what I’m about to say, but in the majority of cancer cases, we give it to ourselves. Yes, unknowingly… and not willingly, but we still rob ourselves of health by what WE think, eat, drink, the way we handle stress, and our overall lifestyle.

You and I make choices that opened the door to disease. It’s time to self-educate… learn what’s caused your situation… and change it. In fact, why not prevent disease from every starting in your body? You can close the door to disease and reverse the process. You really can. You may find help through our Christian Cancer Coaching Ministry…. So check it out on the website.

Remember, God loves you and He wants you well.
God bless you!

God is good and He answers your prayers. And remember, with God nothing is impossible.

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Dale and Paula Black

What Others Are Saying:
     “…Thank You for your ministry. I live in Cincinnati and found your book Flight to Heaven about a year ago. WOW what an impact on me. I don’t believe everyone who claims to have been to heaven, but I do believe you, Capt. Black. Showing us glimpses of heaven, a real place, is so comforting. I also discovered your YouTube videos. I am watching them almost every day now. Everything you and Paula teach is so on target with truth. Until recently I thought disease was part of growing older (I am 62), but now I understand completely that growing older may mean gray hair and eyesight that is not as it was in my twenties, but not disease!!  Anyway, I am so excited to learn more and more from you. THANK YOU.” Pam O.
   “Finding the newly discovered Dale Black Ministry so very inspiring and uplifting. May God bless and keep guiding you both.” Nancy M.
     “I have been watching your videos and I just love the faith that you and your husband display. Just purchased “Life, Cancer and God”. Your faith is very dynamic and I am inspired to reach my maximum faith potential in God. Keep up the good work you are helping thousands of people all over the world. God bless you and Dale.” Charles G.

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