This video episode is Part 2 of “It Will Be Biblical.” If you did not see Part 1, we encourage you to watch that episode first.

Between now and the January 20th Inauguration, we believe all of us will experience events, and learn news that we will consider rare if not a “once in a lifetime” experience. Hopefully by now you have figured out that this election is not about Democrat vs Republican. It is instead, about fighting to hold onto a Free Republic against an attempted Socialist/Communist takeover. If we lose this battle, we lose the freedoms we have held so dear since 1776 — freedom of worship, freedom of speech, freedom of press, ultimately freedom to defend our lives and freedom to choose how to live our lives.

This fight is spiritual at the core yet political on the surface. Even prior to their legal claim to power, the Left has stripped us of free speech, free press and fair elections. People are being grossly persecuted on airlines, in their jobs and with their beliefs for supporting President Trump. America is no longer a free Republic. Our duly elected President is not allowed access to speak to the people who elected him. Something is horribly wrong here.

It will never be easier to stop the evil than it is right now. And that is exactly what President Trump and his administration are attempting to do. We must pick a side and fight the good fight of faith to support God’s choice.

It is God’s will to protect the right to worship. It is God’s will to protect life and stop abortions. It has always been God’s will to allow any and all the right to exercise free will and free choice. If we allow this unelected treacherous force of power to intimidate us, if we submit to a fraudulent election, we will never have a fair election again.

There is a battle raging. Both in the heavenly realm and on the earth. Right now is a time for fervent prayer. Pray for the protection of our President and those supporting him. Pray for all the Saints to have wisdom and discernment. Pray for God’s people to have courage to stand against evil and for righteousness.

Have you noticed there is only ONE voice now? Only one message is being spread. Only one political perspective is considered acceptable. This is a coup that has hijacked every news station and is strictly censoring all other voices. It’s past time to quit listening to the lies on ALL main stream media.

1 John 4:4 reminds us that… “He (Jesus) who is in you is greater than he (Satan) who is in the world.”

This promise is one of the great truths in God’s word. As a born-again Believer, through Jesus Christ, you have more power and authority in this world than Satan does. We must walk in that revelation of truth to experience the reality of it. As you pray, use this supreme authority that you have been given. As you walk through your day, praise the Lord for His power which is at work in and through you.

Do not fear. Be full of faith and trust in God. He is with you and will not forsake you. Remember, with God all things are possible!

Dale & Paula

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