Join the discussion between Dale Black and Pastor Shawn Machen as they explore how unbelief robs people of God’s best. The Bible says, “All things are possible to him that believes.” Mark 9:23. Believing is the key to receiving from God. And Satan works tirelessly trying to hinder believers from entering into the promises that rightfully belong to them. Dale and Paula just returned from ministering at Pastor Shawn’s church in Moody, AL and share some powerful video between Dale Black and Pastor Shawn Machen: Author / Professional Pilot / Entrepreneur / Pastor of WORLD VICTORY CHURCH in Moody, AL. Pastor Shawn is a wealth of spiritual understanding with decades of hands-on experience backing up his powerful and uncompromising teaching.

His new book “Unbelief: The Only Hindrance to Receiving from God” is available at the DBM store:

You can be ministered to every week by Pastor Shawn, by watching LIVE at World Victory Church.

Dale and Paula

What Others Are Saying:
   “Thank you so much for this (and every video!) I certainly needed this one (You Don’t Have To Be Discouraged) at this time! God Bless you for all you do, always!” Claudia – Arizona
   “Thank you for praying for my daughter and I. Spending time in GOD’S word has completely changed our lives. The scripture that says GOD rewards those who earnestly seek HIM is truly at work in our lives. For the first time as a Christian I bought a Bible and started reading it three months ago. I can’t get enough of it, the words come alive. My daughter and I laugh, we cry and dance with joy at the truths that GOD is revealing through HIS word to us. We are getting encouraged through your ministry. Thank you for emphasizing the importance of reading the Bible for ourselves not just listening to a preacher. We have been praying all month for a new home and two days before we have to move out of where we live now, GOD answered our prayers and provided a home for us to move into today. We serve the GOD of the impossible. Thank you for your ministry and prayers of support. We also pray for GOD to continue to anoint your ministry with HIS blessings.” Yuliya – Ohio
  “Thank you for your videos. I have been so hungry to learn all I can about Jesus. You’ve really made a huge impact on me. So…thanks!! Keep up the wonderful job. Many blessings.” Teresa B.
   “Oh God Bless you, Paula! I have your book and have started proclaiming the affirmations and scripture. I just love y’all!! I love how y’all show how the Word presents a God as a loving, active Father. I get stuck with “if it be thy will” and especially the view of Paul’s thorn. I saw Capt Dale speak to this and really encouraged me.” Tanya – New Mexico

Not sure you’re going to Heaven? Then click on the following video link: “Jesus said, You Must Be Born Again.”

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