The healing power of worship. No, not worship as in singing or participating in the music of your church. I’m talking about something that I seldom see these days. I’m referring to the worship of God alone and in private and the power this provides for healing. You may enjoy this new video about when and where and how Dale learned about worship and how vital it is to receiving healing from God. It goes hand in hand with the principle that Jesus taught, “Seek first the kingdom of God and His righteousness and all these things (including healing) shall be added to you.” Matthew 6:33 (I added the including healing part…but it’s true).

Incidentally, due to the needs of our Partners and overwhelming requests, Paula and I have dedicated June, July and August as 2019 The Summer of Healing. For the next three months we will focus on a subject many of you have expressed great need for—God’s way to health and healing. Whether you are sick now or simply a member of the human race, everyone needs to understand how to overcome, avoid, reverse and cure sickness and disease God’s way. I believe this is done best by combining the natural laws of health with the miraculous power of God.

God is the Creator of both the natural realm and the supernatural spiritual realm, therefore, by blending the natural with the supernatural we can combine all that God provides for us so that we can literally defeat the challenges we face.

God desires that you live healthy and fruitfully… and yes, He even desires you to live long. “And you shall serve the Lord your God, and He shall bless your bread, and your water; and I will take sickness away from the midst of you…the number of your days I will fulfill. (Exodus 23:25-26) Praise the Lord for His Word and for His benefits.

Be reminded all this week that you can do what He wants you to do. With God nothing is impossible.
Dale and Paula

What Others Are Saying:
   “God uses many people to speak to us … seems like Dale and Paula Black are among those so chosen! If you haven’t read Dale’s book FLIGHT TO HEAVEN I urge you to. Happy I did!  Paula’s own book LIFE, CANCER AND GOD is my next book to read.” Ray G.
   “Beautiful and important message. Thank you. Love your heart SO MUCH, Dale and Paula. Truth and kindness and charity and love and our Lord Jesus; and MORE SOULS for His Kingdom: that’s the perfect agenda. God continue to bless you. I’ll do what I can, too 😉 Can hardly bear to wait to know you for eternity. Love.” Cynthia, in Massachusetts
   “Thank you Dale & Paula. I love you and your ministry. Your testimonies have blessed me and taught me. I thank God for you and offer encouragement and prayers. I am struggling with non-believing friends and telling them about Jesus. Please pray that the Holy Spirit would teach me what to say. Thank you for your prayers. May we all glorify the Lord with our efforts! Praise the Lord Jesus!” Don B.

Not sure you’re going to Heaven? Then watch “Jesus said, You Must Be Born Again.”

*DBM partners have asked repeatedly for Live Healing Workshops. Thank the Lord, they are almost here. Learn about Healing Way Workshops / Revival, as we minister to the many who are in need of God’s authentic healing in their lives. The enemy is having fits over this so please lift us up in prayer.

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