For months now the U.S. corporate media has been preparing the public for future “cyber attacks,” which will now obviously be blamed on Russia.

It is imperative that you be prepared for disruptions to basic services like water, power, fuel, food, and frozen bank accounts.

As we shall discover, nation states are not the driving force behind the current restructuring of global governance. The geopolitical narratives we are given are frequently superficial.

Those leading the transformation have no allegiance to any particular nation, only to their own globalist network and collective aspirations. In their hands, international law is no more of an impediment to their ambitions than a vague commitment to “rules.”

National governments are partners within this network formed of both nation state, and non-state actors. Despite professed animosities, they have collaborated for decades to fashion the global governance complex that is now emerging.

When Klaus Schwab and George Soros said China would be the engine of the new IRBO and the leaders of the 4th Industrial Revolution, they didn’t mean that China would become the center of a political hegemony, as the US has been. Rather, China is the exemplar of technocracy, providing an operational model for the new global system alongside the supposedly necessary economic growth.