There is quite a bit written today about the amazing benefits of juicing. But for Paula and I the proof is in the results! We experience so many positives about juicing vegetables that we want to remind you of them here today.  Juicing is for YOU if you want wonderfully fast improvement in your overall health. It is also one of the best tools to use if you a currently ill. In this article I have written about the “10-Benefits to Juicing” – PLUS we have made a special video for you also. It is called, “Health Benefits of Juicing” where Paula describes her juicing techniques and some advice in order to improve your energy and overall health, even if you are dealing with a chronic disease. We already know that juicing vegetables is used by scores of our clients to reverse chronic disease, but are there other benefits too?

For me juicing is about taking control. It’s about increasing energy. It’s about having a lean machine for doing God’s will. It helps just about anyone to live longer and stronger – for the glory of God. Do you want to improve your immune system? You want to lose weight or revitalize your body? Then juicing may be just what the Lord would have for you.

So, what is juicing? Essentially, juicing vegetables is the process of extracting the juice and pouring the delicious goodness of God’s creation into a glass and giving your body the nutrients and the gifts that it so badly needs. We don’t recommend fruit juicing – for persons who are dealing with chronic disease like cancer.
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But with juicing vegetable, the results are literally mind blowing for your health. Now why does this work? Let’s talk about 10 benefits of juicing vegetables for your health.

  1. Get the Nutrients. Approximately 95% of all the vitamins and enzymes that your body needs can come from the juice of raw vegetables. If you can imagine the nutritional equivalent of eating 2 pounds of carrots, 8 pounds of spinach, (and maybe one Apple to help improve the taste) that’s what juicing can do.
  2. Let Your Body Take a Break. Because all of the vitamins and minerals and enzymes are immediately absorbed into your bloodstream when you drink juice, it takes less energy to digest liquids than solids. Therefore, your digestive system is given a well-deserved rest.
  3. Mental Alertness. Juicing improves the blood circulation and helps transport oxygen to the entire body, as well as the brain. This will help you keep alert and “on the ball”. By giving your body what it really wants and needs, you’ll make your body literally happier. When your body is happier, you’ll feel lighter, brighter and you may find that you’ll bounce through your day a whole lot better. Give it a try.
  4. A SAFE Way to Weight Loss. A lot of people use juicing to keep their weight under control. It’s safe because you get all the nutrients that your body needs, and you don’t give it the things that your body does not need but sometimes craves.
  5. Don’t Like Veggies? If you’re not one who likes vegetables generally, juicing is an ideal way to get the 6 to 8 servings per day that is usually recommended. You may find that by juicing the vegetables, and adding a tiny bit of apple, you’ll love the delicious taste of vegetables – that you never used to like.
  6. Detoxification. Vegetable juices are generally alkaline in nature, so they draw out acids in the body. These toxins are released via the elimination channels of the body such as the kidneys, skin, the lungs etc. It’s an awesome natural way to detox. You’ll feel much better (after a few days).
  7. Prevention of Disease. The nutrients absorbed from juicing can help protect against cardiovascular disease, inflammatory disease, rheumatoid arthritis and, of course, cancer. Juicing is bound to also help raise pH level in our bodies, which helps prevent against certain conditions such as heart and kidney disease, osteoporosis, and diabetes, which have been shown to be associated with acidic imbalance in the body.
  8. A Boost to Your Immune System. Juicing can pack all of the immune boosting vitamins that are contained in all the vegetables that we’re supposed to be eating every day. Juicing can pack them all into one glass of scrumptious juice in their most potent form… Raw. You can say goodbye to your average cold and flu. This really works!
  9. What an Energizer. With all the phenomenal nutrients bursting to give you the explosion of energy you haven’t felt in so long, how could juicing not increase your energy? It will help you sleep. And after time, you may find that you’ll do better on less sleep.
  10. Transform Your Outlook on Food. When you juice, you’ll notice a dramatic improvement in your all-around health and well-being. If you continue the juicing practice, your desire for the foods that are not good for you will dwindle. And quickly your cravings for unhealthy foods will disappear.

Why not give it a try? If you’ve done it before, why not do it again? Would you like to join me? I will be juicing for the next 7 days… Why not join me for at least one meal? Instead of eating your normal food – take 1-Meal and juice instead. Or maybe you would enjoy the benefits of juicing for two meals? Maybe you’d like to juice for an entire day, or two days, or three days? That’s up to you and the Lord.

No one needs to join me – it is totally optional, duh. But if you DO want to join me and juice together, let me know at the bottom of the BLOG ON THE DBM WEBSITE. I’ll gladly pray for you personally. I will read and pray for you personally if you make your comment on the blog page. I won’t be looking on the YouTube response. Not the normal email address ( Instead, make your comment at the bottom of this BLOG.  Write a short comment and I’ll pray with you and for you. (I will keep your comments from being exposed in any other place. Your name and/or comment will remain only this one blog and I will not repeat it or mention it any other place).

God’s word says, “Therefore, whether you eat or drink, or whatever you do, do all to the glory of God.” 1 Corinthians 10:31

You can do it my friends – because with God nothing is impossible.

You, dear friends and partners, remain in our hearts and prayers.
Dale & Paula

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