Don’t Just Sit There…Take Action!

“Now four men who were lepers were at the entrance of the city’s gate; and they said to one another, Why do we sit here until we die…. So they arose.”  – 2 Kings 7:3-5, The Amplified Bible

No matter how difficult the problem is you may be facing today, no matter how far under the circumstances you may be, in 24 hours you can be back on top! It’s true, dear friends. Sometimes we need to use faith and take action. That’s what we learn from scripture regularly. There is always need to pray. Yet, often in addition to prayer we must take action.

“Impossible you say!” That’s what the Samaritans thought in 2 Kings 7. Their land was being ravaged by famine. Enemy troops had surrounded them and cut off all source of supply. Even mothers were eating their own children just to survive.

Yet in the middle of all that, the Lord told the prophet Elisha that in 24 hours the whole situation would change. Flour and barley would sell for just a few pennies and there would be abundance for all.

You’re probably wondering… what did God use to turn that situation around?

Four lepers! Four lepers who, instead of sitting around feeling sorry for themselves and waiting to die, decided to take action. They decided to arise and take their chances with the enemy camp. When they arrived, they found it abandoned. All the enemy soldiers had been frightened away by the angels of God. Not only that, but in their haste, the enemy had left enough food behind to feed all of Samaria! God can turn your situation around in the same way.

Sometimes we get problem centered instead of solution centered with the Word of God. We let ourselves become so surrounded by the loud voices of the media and this world’s system that the vision of our victory is pushed out of sight. Of course when this occurs, faith and power start to subside and life caves in on us from every side. This is exactly what Satan hopes to achieve.

If this has happened to you, stop complaining about it. It won’t do any good to focus on the problems and feel sorry for yourself. That will only cause the problem to grow and you to feel more helpless.

Victims sit and remain overwhelmed by the problem while Victors take action and overcome their problem with faith.

Just like He did for Elisha, God’s given you a word. He’s promised you victory. He’s promised to make you an overcomer.

So don’t just sit there and accept defeat. Rise up in faith. Stand up on God’s Word and fight. Get angry at Satan. Resist him and cast him out with the authority of Jesus and the Word of God. Get mad at sickness and claim healing based on the strips of Jesus. Get angry with financial lack and tithe your first fruits. Become solution focused instead of problem focused.

Like the lepers in the Bible–take action. Arise and receive the deliverance of the Lord!

And remember, with God nothing is impossible?

Dale and Paula

The terrible tragedy of deception….

“There is a way that seems right to a man,
But its end is the way of death.” Proverbs 14:12



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What Others Are Saying:
    “Thanks for your words of encouragement, just what the body of Christ needs! Eric B – Canada
    “Thank you Dale. Just what I need so much at this time. Bless you all for your wonderful faith and I thank Him who sends through you these inspiring messages which give so much hope, faith and love. Nancy M. – U.K.
    “Thank you Dale, for leading us in these dark times. I truly believe you are in tune with God. Thank you for the work you do in God’s ministry. Let us all be vigilant and ask the Holy Spirit to guide us. God Bless all. Amen. Norman R.- U.K.
    “Thank you Dale, this subject was VERY heavy due to what’s happening globally today.💔 I couldn’t possibly believe my ears after hearing all of this prophetic alertness from you!!😱 You are NOTHING like what the other pastors talk about during this time of betrayal and warfare!❤ Elyssia C – U.K.
    “Thank you for those glorious words from the Lord. We appreciate your wholehearted devotion in fasting, praying and hearing from God on behalf of His people. So thankful that I and many of your readers are already immune to fear. Praise Him for His glorious Word that brings comfort, encouragement, and strengthening in times of trouble. Tim B – San Diego
    “Let me stand in agreement with you all. Dale, your word spoken about not putting this vaccine into the temple of the Holy Spirit. Powerful! Wise words from these brothers and sisters. Thank you. I think we all see what is at the door. Stand everyone and keep standing on God’s word and hear His Holy Spirit. Psalm 91 is true. Apply it to our hearts Lord. You alone are our truth, the measuring tape of our souls. Praise the Lord for His help. Amen. Don B – Washington

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