It is historically true that silence can be… and often is… lethal. Now, more than ever, courage is what is needed. Courage to stand up and speak up. NOT to speak about the wrong in this world–that is not the job of the believer–but speak up for what God says is right. I am NOT saying to get involved in arguments. But have a voice. Jesus said, “do not resist an evil person.” Matt. 5:39. We are not to resist evil but we must stand up for righteousness. This is an important video for the Body of Christ today (made possible by DBM Partners).  Watch When Silence Is Lethal by Capt. Dale now.

Remember to keep the love command that we talked about on earlier this week. Let the world take notice of the love between the brethren.

Remember, with God Nothing Is Impossible!
Dale and Paula

What Others Are Saying:
   “{You are a} great inspiration and homage to God. I was a flight surgeon in the USAF, in the early ’60’s. Followed by a civilian general practice to the present. Thank you for your inspiring story / ministry. God love you both.” Robert P. M.D.
   “You are exactly right about chemo therapy — it’s worse than doing nothing! Thanks for having the courage to promote the truth!” Vi S.
   “Capt. Dale you and your wife are great vessels of our Lord.  When I see your heart when you speak of the love of Jesus I sometimes start to cry. God Bless you both.” Robert F. / Pilot

Not sure you’re going to Heaven? Watch  “Jesus said, You Must Be Born Again.” 

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