Satan does not want you to see the ‘good things’ that are happening all over the world. This video can help. Enjoy a very touching and ‘moving’ Memorial Day Tribute video with an assortment of CURRENT clips not welcome on mainstream media (MSM).
Kara Black has assembled various patriotic videos from across the U.S., including Boat Parades, Beach Rallies, and tens of thousands of MAGA crowds uplifting God and the USA. Watch, enjoy and join the ‘movement.’
There are similar patriotic gatherings happening all over the world, including places such as France, Hong Kong and more!
From the hearts of your global online pastors for the last days. Remember, with God nothing is impossible!

Dale, Paula & Kara

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 “Thank you for your continual emphasis on the Word of God and on our need to continually learn. Chet – AZ
   “This is some exceptionally valuable information, to say the least. I just recorded it myself and passing it on to others! How scary! Satan is very good at what he does. Thanks you guys for everything you do to expose lies and get the truth of Gods word out to the world! God bless. Jeannette – AK
   “Thank you for your ministry. Your video came at just the right time, very encouraging. Praise God.” Debby – ND
   “Thank you so much Dale and Paula. My biggest concern daily is being able to discern Truth!!!!! I just love you and your family. My spirit has so much peace when I listen to your videos and read your information. God Bless you abundantly. Sharon – NC

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