This week, Christians around the world are celebrating the Resurrection of Jesus Christ. Rightly so, as it is the most significant event in human history. For those who have placed their trust in Jesus as Savior, it is the singular event that solidifies our adoption into God’s family and frees us from the oppression of the this fallen world and sin.

God displayed His great power in overcoming death and the grave through the Resurrection of Jesus. And at the same time He provided all who would believe, freedom from this fallen world and the hope of eternal life.

With God nothing is impossible!
Dale & Paula 

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What Others Are Saying:

“The Lord has given us these details of the final days for a purpose. If it was not important for us to know, God would not have revealed it.” That’s reason enough to continue in this glorious book of Revelation. Thank you! Tim B. – San Diego
    “Thank you so much for sharing the truth with us and always encouraging us.” Lisa and James M. – USA
    “What you tell in this video is priceless and it resembles what is going on here in Denmark. The difference to your Christian remnant powerfully praying for God to be among them is, that here in Denmark, there are only few who pray, I know of. Thank you for your power inspiring advice. You speak truth as if right out of my heart.” Vienna – Denmark
    “A message to STEVE and GEORGIA COLLETT: GOD bless and be with you and your family. I am from the UK..(north east England). I am really pleased to hear of extra help been giving to DALE BLACK MINISTRIES, DALE AND PAULA have given up a lot to help us to see salvation by giving financially, emotionally, physically. GOD give you good passage to your new mission ….all the best.” NORM – UK
    “Dearest sister Paula, your message is a SPIRIT filled feast that you have prepared and served to the children of GOD in such a way that even those who are able to digest a few crumbs will wake up and be lead by the SPIRIT in the right direction. What a blessing you are!” Love brother Ron B. – CA

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