It is about reaching those who are not reached with the gospel of Jesus Christ. 

In these last days, people are searching for real answers to life, a purpose that satisfies, and security in their eternal destination. There has never been a better environment in the United States and the world then right now to share the gospel of Jesus Christ. People need hope. It truly IS harvest time!


With a call and a mission from God to teach and preach His Word… and “reach the unreached,” it is finally time to launch the Heaven 2021 Project. Jesus tells us the harvest is plenteous and the laborers are few. We are willing to be laborers in the harvest – the harvest is NOW – and your help is needed!

For the day of the Lord is near in the valley of decision.” Joel 3:14 NKJV

Possibly you have a loved one who needs the Lord and you’re not sure how get that conversation started. Have you ever met someone in the course of your day and wished you could leave something for them as an introduction to Jesus? Or longed for a tool you could use to comfortably explain God’s plan of salvation in a simple, easy to follow, engaging method? One of the wonderful byproducts of this Heaven 2021 Project, will be to provide you tools and avenues to use in your own personal evangelistic efforts.

The Vision
The Heaven 2021 Project provides an evangelistic thrust in the development of a gospel tract that explains the plan of salvation in an abbreviated and powerful visual presentation. This tract will also include a capsule of Dale’s testimony of being the only survivor of an airplane crash, taking a journey to Heaven and what he experienced.

This simple 16 page gospel tract—being written and developed by Dale Black—will use common language with the New King James Version of scripture and adhere to God’s uncompromising Word. It will detail the plan of salvation, similar to the Four Spiritual Laws, but in a more relative and interactive way.

Step One is to design, copyright, and print a 16 page gospel tract for evangelist purposes.

Step Two will be to create an effective Discipleship Booklet that will help new believers build a strong foundation in their Christian life. This will Discipleship Booklet will also be put into a Free Downloadable format which they can access online. Once we have the completed Gospel Tract, the Discipleship Booklet and NKJV New Testaments, we will begin our campaign to evangelize the unsaved in outreach events around the area and help others bring this same approach and these same materials to their area.

In the past we have used rented booths and motorhomes to carry out the onsite evangelism. By hanging a large banner that reads:

Are You Going To Heaven?
Take a 2 minute – 2 Question Test to find out
according to the Bible).

Outreach Scenario: We park in approved (usually paid for areas) where the motorhome is near groups of people, such as street fairs or parades. People passing are attracted by the large banner and the friendly people. We ‘gently’ invite any who are interested to take a quick “2 minute – 2 Question Test.” They are then invited to enter the motorhome in groups of two, up to a five or six, to find out if, according to the test, they will go to heaven.

Many who take this test will not pass successfully. In other words, the Test will reveal that even though they may believe in God, they may believe the Bible is holy, they may try to live a good life… that according to the Bible, they have not done what is required to get to heaven. They will then receive a 5-minute explanation about the answers to the test, using the gospel tract as a roadmap. At the end of this interaction, they will be invited to pray and receive Jesus into their heart. This evangelistic tool has been the most effective that we’ve ever used. Praise the Lord, already we have seen over 30,000 pray to receive Jesus as Savior using this very effective method.

Each new believer will receive a Discipleship Booklet and a NKJV New Testament. For those willing, their name and contact information will be collected and given to local pastors/churches in their area. They will then be invited to be a part of this ongoing evangelistic effort and give witness with their testimony.

Fruit: In our past experience – 8% of those walking by, who see the sign, will stop and take the short test. Of those who take the test, 51% will go inside the motorhome or booth to learn more. Finally, 68% of those who go in the motorhome or booth will pray to receive Jesus as Savior. Hallelujah!

  • No one is pressured…
  • None are judged…
  • No one feels condemned…
  • No debating…
  • Just God’s love with His truth from His Word (the Bible).

A simple, loving approach helps people desire to learn what the Bible says about heaven. It opens the door to hear what Jesus taught and and how they can know for sure where they will spend eternity.

The need is to raise $21,000 for the purpose of designing, printing and producing the gospel tract: “Heaven – Will You Go There?”

This is a project that has seen a lot of resistance from the enemy… understandably. This project will recruit many into a relationship with Jesus and entrance into God’s kingdom.

“For The fruit of the righteous is a tree of life, and he who wins souls is wise.” Proverbs 11:30 NKJV 

Many will experience new life in Jesus Christ. It has been in our hearts to launch this project for a long time, and NOW is the time. This project gives you an opportunity to add fruit to your eternal account as you help us accomplish this great evangelistic outreach. Thank you!

*If you would like to DONATE to help the gospel go forward, you can give ONLINE or by MAIL. To give online, click on the DONATE button above. If you prefer to give with Check or Money Order, please make your donation payable to (NEW Mailing Address): Dale Black Ministries (DBM) *  P.O. Box 2841, Hayden, ID 83835. To make a donation or place an order by phone, call: 951-526-2101 and leave a message. Someone from our volunteer staff will call you back. Thank you very much, and may God’s blessings be upon you and your family.


What Others Are Saying:
  “I have been a professing atheist my entire adult life, that is until I watched the Discovering Heaven video about Dale’s airplane crash and his genuine suggestion that I read the red letters of a Bible to decide for myself if God is real and Jesus is His Son. I read Jesus words and my heart was changed immediately. I didn’t expect any of this, but Jesus is now my Savior. Thanks for telling your story.” Eric C.

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