Web-TV Project

Donations for Phase II of the Web-TV Project are underway. We are producing the “Messages From Heaven” videos but we are asking for the body of Christ to rise up and help to add “Winning Over Cancer” as well as the help to increase the frequency of the video teachings. 650 Pixels are required to take us through Phase II, and keep us preaching God’s Word to hundreds of thousands.

In this exciting Phase II we pray and believe that together we’ll accomplish the following:
* Build and furnish a permanent set for Messages From Heaven in this awesome facility. We’ll need:
* Two additional Cameras.
* Two additional Tripods.
* Additional Lighting and backdrops.
* New Wireless Mics.
* A Sound Mixer and upgraded editing software.
* Add needed personnel for expertise to take us to consistent television quality.

Not only will we produce weekly WEB-TV programming but we will provide LIVE in-person workshops at our new facility in the Carlsbad, CA as soon as possible.

Pray about being part of the solution. Together we can help preach and teach God’s word. Part of this teaching is dedicated to healing. We are trying to make a difference in helping defeat sickness and disease, ESPECIALLY CANCER, in the Body of Christ. How? By treating root causes of sickness and disease, as well as aligning with God’s original design, it is possible to gain control over health and find healing from the inside out, literally. You can help by supporting the WEB-TV Project now.

Thank you partners and friends. We have been called of God and have accepted this call with sacrifice… but your help is needed, especially now. God is more than able to stir the hearts of those who will partner with us. Is your heart stirred?

Donate toward the WEB-TV Project. All Donors will have their names included on the wall plaque inside the studio facility. In addition, for a gift of $1000 or more toward the Web-TV Project (5 pixels or more) your name will be engraved on a LEAF and added to the Tree of Life on the wall of our ministry office. We need your help and we need it now. Please click below or go to the GIVING Page on this website.

Thank you for DONATING

God bless you!
Dale and Paula Black

*If you prefer to give by check or money order please make donation payable to Dale Black Ministries and mail to: P.O. Box 130085, Carlsbad, CA 92013. To make a donation by phone call 951-526-2101 and leave a message. Please be patient, someone from our part-time volunteer staff will call you back. Thank you very much!

*  Watch for updates on this site.

Thank you again! And God bless you multiplied over!


Posted on

January 31, 2018