Cancer: There IS a Cure! DVD – Paula Black


DVD – “Cancer: There IS a Cure!” Learn what cancer is and what causes it. Learn how you can avoid and reverse disease by attacking the root problem.


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Now available on DVD! Paula Black – Author, Speaker, and Christian Cancer/Healing Coach, describes what the medical profession doesn’t want you to know: What Cancer REALLY is, What causes Cancer, and How you can Reverse or Cure Cancer? Learn how Paula reversed terminal cancer without chemo, radiation or drugs. Learn the tools and principles you need to get healthy again.  There IS A WAY to reverse cancer–God always makes a way.  No one needs to die of cancer–Not Any More!

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The author of “Life, Cancer and God” teaches about how God showed her how to reverse cancer with the Spirit, Soul and Body approach. God wants you well. His truth will make you free. For your FREE JumpStart Program: visit

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