The Believer’s Anti-Cancer Workbook – Dale Black


For a LIMITED TIME ONLY! This spiral bound 11″x 9″, 225 page workbook, by Dale Black, PhD is on sale for just $39 (a $30 discount). This workbook contains ALL of the information taught in the 2-day Healing Way Workshop. The Believer’s Anti-Cancer Workbook contains the curriculum for more than 25 hours of course material about healing the body, soul and spirit, which is essential to reverse and heal cancer. Inside you will also find STUNNING research that is certain to open eyes and minds into the actual statistical pros and cons of cancer surgery, chemotherapy and radiation. Ladies and gentlemen, please fasten your seat belts.

The Believer’s Anti-Cancer Workbook will build your faith for healing, unlock the confusion about why some are healed and others are not, clarify how to work WITH God to receive your healing, and so much more. This research information and spiritual understanding was presented to Paula when she was diagnoses with terminal cancer. She reversed her cancer without chemo, radiation or further surgery… and got her life back. Using the principles inside this workbook, you too, can learn how to bring your body into agreement with God’s original design and walk in health!


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