Dear Partners and Donors: Writing this is completely unlike my normal nature. But the Lord has directed me to humble myself, then share the following details with His body. This has been a month of battles at DBM – but we are believing for certain victory. We are in this fight together for the saving of souls and to warn, prepare and equip the Body of Christ. In the meantime, we are requesting that you pray. We are in need of Big prayer support right now for Paula and myself and for this ministry. Also, please pray for a few of God’s people to come alongside us and stand with us in Carlsbad, so that together we can continue forward with the help we need. The load of this ministry is becoming heavy for Paula and myself and help is requested.
On one hand we know that we are in the center of God’s will. We must be fulfilling His call and doing some things right. Why? Because we have seen a huge increase in emails and social media comments, thank you’s, salvations, critiques and Praise the Lord’s, etc. But also because we’ve had two huge attacks which appear to definitely be from the enemy. Both offensive incursions came literally within two days of each other—one on this ministry. The other on us personally.

First, there has been a hack through our website Giving Page. Our bank assures us that none of our donor’s data is, or will be, affected (thank the Lord). So please don’t worry about your data. But pray for this situation… DBM has been the target of an attack on freedom of speech and an attack on Christian values. It is likely an attack especially on preaching in the name of Jesus. We are not alone, as we are told this is becoming more widespread in America than ever before.

Ironically, our ministry checking account (accessed through the website) has incurred thousands of dollars of fraudulent charges. For example: 28,333 automated attempts to acquire funds were conducted as late as Friday. Due to the massive number of transactions processed illegally, our small checking account balance was quickly emptied. Every day since, we have been working with our bank and our merchant account to minimize the losses and recoup as much as possible.
Our budget is very small… we are still very much a ‘ma and pa’ operation. 

We chose to follow God and not to retire, so we sold everything we owned and planted all personal funds into this ministry, including our home (we are now leasing). We’re so glad we did. We’d do it again, of course, because we are in ministry to fulfill the call God has placed on our lives. It’s not about what we get, it’s about us giving. Now, here we are in the middle of a big battle. We’ve had a few head-scratching sessions and doubts along the way, but God is faithful. With YOUR prayers and help, we believe the victory is ours. Praise the name of Jesus.

Please pray for favor with the banks, merchant account and technical help and for a complete recovery, so we can be stronger and more protected than ever. Also pray that a volunteer business man or business woman will come join us here in the Carlsbad, CA area, to help run the business side of this ministry.

On the other front of the attack, our home had a massive slow water leak that went undetected until mold was discovered on a large scale. We’ve been living with mold for some time but didn’t know this. Now the mold and the damaged flooring, walls, and cabinets in two adjacent rooms is being removed, dried and prepared for replacement. We have been dealing with insurance people, plumbers, water and mold remediation, and various workers non-stop for several days—removing carpet, tile flooring, drywall in three adjacent rooms, and two wood cabinets and book cases, etc. Dale uses this space for his office and often for studio work. It’s been a real mess. We are now waiting for reconstruction, having lost the use of almost half of the home. 
Apparently, the enemy is not pleased with us preaching Jesus as the Son of God… of us preaching that Jesus is the only way to heaven. Praise the Lord, we are reaching thousands every day through: “Messages from Heaven,” “Winning Over Cancer,” and the new “Prophecy Alert.” The gospel is going out in larger doses than ever, but the attack is commensurate with a greater spiritual impact. However, the financial giving into the ministry has reduced proportionately.

Satan is robbing us of time, energy and resources that belong to God’s kingdom. But due to such strong attacks at the same time, we are convinced that this is a strike from the enemy. This gives us great joy in this battle because, “Greater is He who is in us than he who is in the world!” 
But we do need your prayers for protection and God’s blessing for us and the ministry during this time. You may notice that our preaching and teaching did not slow down even in the middle of this. We even have added live telephone prayer for some of our partners and donors which has been received extremely well. We thank God for that.

Of course, your financial participation is very much needed and appreciated now as well. Thank you for all you do to support this ministry and keep us moving forward.

May God bless you multiplied back dear partners, for all you give to Him!

Dale and Paula Black

If you would like to send a gift to help this month we would be very grateful. The Giving Page is securely working again. I’ve tested it myself several times. Please visit the GIVING page on the website or mail a check or money order to the mailing address below:
Dale Black Ministries * P.O. Box 130085, Carlsbad, CA 92013
Thank you!

You are precious in His sight and in ours.