Every now and then the Lord speaks to my heart and gives me instructions to share something with His Church. I have learned to respond without worrying about what people will think. I hope it will help many of you who are looking for God’s perspective on current events. This message is about the upcoming national elections. Or shall we call them ‘selections’ instead?

As a bond servant of God, survivor of an airplane crash through His will and mercy, I am answerable to Him alone. He miraculously restored my body and my life. I owe Him for every breath I take. With the political climate we are in… should I start seeking the approval of men, instead of God? If I were still trying to please men, would I not be a bondservant of Jesus Christ?

“For do I now persuade men, or God? Or do I seek to please men? For if I still pleased men, I would not be a bondservant of Christ.” Galatians 1:10.

The Myth of the two Party System
With the elections just a few days away in the United States it’s a good time to review some of the facts regarding the American two-party system. What normally occurs is that the general public heads to the polls to vote in person, or participates by submitting a ballot by mail. They most often either vote for the selected Democrat or Republican. On rare occasion, the Independent candidate wins the vote.

The general belief is that the people who vote in the United States, trust that they are living in and participating in a democratic nation where the public servants are elected “by the people, for the people.” The understanding is that the elected official is there to serve the electorate in Washington DC, in the House of Representatives, and the Senate, and even as president.

The notion that the people of America choose their leaders, who will then determine public policy as a representative of the people, is sadly a complete and utter myth. If this revelation is something you don’t want to hear, then I advise that this may be a good place to stop and not continue reading any further. The other option is to read and consider the evidence. Knowing the truth is always better than believing a lie, even if the lie is what you “want”.

As a population, we have become lazy when it comes to searching out the truth. However, it is vitally important that each person takes the time to actually research facts. In this day and age, your life and the lives of your loved ones will likely depend on it. 

Wise people store up knowledge, but the mouth of the foolish is near destruction.” Proverbs 10:14.

The use of critical thinking has been systematically purged from our education system, leaving most ill equipped to question or use their God given intellect to search out truth. We ask Alexa for answers, and then google Fact Checkers who are owned and paid by big tech, to give you the answers the Deep State wants you to have.

“The heart of the prudent acquires knowledge, and the ear of the wise seeks knowledge.” Proverbs 18:15.

Allow me, if you will, to offer some ideas about what heaven’s perspective might be and what believers in Jesus might want to do.

But first know that God did not raise me and train me in the current artificial Christian community, thank the Lord. I’ve been a Christian for six decades. I love God. I am dedicated to follow the Lord and the truth of His Word. I have worked within the Christian community much of that time in various ways and was part of the body of Christ when the Holy Spirit was alive and well within the church world.

God saw fit to train me in an entirely different and unique way than the majority of Christian ministers. My guess is that it was for the likely reason that He was equipping me to help the body of Christ in these last days.

For several decades I was an official representative of the Federal Aviation Administration (FAA), and made several trips to Washington DC. I was shocked to learn how things ‘REALLY’ got done in the Senate and in the White House. What I saw opened my eyes to things that were very difficult to believe.

For six years I was also the representative of a small organization ministering to and for the Jews in Israel, Russia and Italy. It was called ‘Allies of Israel’. We purchased a four-engine jet and made it available to help bring Russian Jews who wanted to relocate back to Israel. That’s a long story filled with adventure, heartache, and numerous eye-opening experiences. Learning how both Israel and the U.S. handled that was another huge series of lessons learned.

My father owned a business in lumber and trucking. I grew up and eventually managed the Transportation Department. My first business was located in the Hollywood / Burbank area and most of our clients were in the film or music industry. I even lived in New York for a time. Forty plus years as a professional airline pilot and jet flight instructor / examiner.

The bottom line is that God helped me learn a lot about how the world really works. How politics really work. And how this world system works. Not from a textbook. Not from watching videos. I was in fact in the very thick of it for 40 some years in various aspects. And when I began to share about what I was learning, I found out just how dangerous it can be to speak the truth. That was another major lesson. So, now that I’ve shared with you just a fraction of my background, let me explain to you how the National Elections work or should I say National SELECTIONS.

One does not have to look far or go too deep to dispel the mythical, yet pervasive belief, that elections somehow make a difference. However, in order to grasp this unpopular truth, one must divorce themselves from the ideological political belief system that has been ingrained in the public for generations. You must disconnect from the Main Stream Media as step one, since that information source is entirely compromised with propaganda.

What is happening across the world, and not just in America, is that the population is controlled by propaganda and by the flow of information by just a handful of very wicked people. At the top of these very wicked people are those dedicated to serving Lucifer. I’m talking literally. This group is called by many names, but for the sake of this article, I will call this group the Deep State.

The Enemy
It is true that the enemy at the top is Satan. On earth he uses his demonic forces and his army, which I call The Deep State. This is a worldwide network with a New World Order agenda. They are systematically replacing leaders around the world with those who are trained and managed by their agenda. Most current leaders are now former students/Young Leaders of the World Economic Forum. Trained to take orders and fulfill the agenda for a One World Order in preparation for Antichrist.

Our Senators, Congressman and government legislature are largely controlled through blackmail, threats, and huge amounts of money. Right now all but a few have been proved to be connected to the CCP in some way of control. If a politician starts out uncorrupted, the Deep State does not stop until they are in their control–eventually corrupted. Often this includes threats against family or worse. The enemy truly is Satan.

We think we elect a President who represents us. But by the time any politician makes their parties nomination for President, they are already under the control of the Deep State. Pick a President on the left or the right. Both fulfill their part of the plan to further the Deep State’s agenda. Have you noticed how friendly with each other they all are after they leave office? Friends and cohorts in the grand plan.

Go Ahead and Vote
I’m not telling you not to vote or that it is futile–especially on a local level. What I am trying to convey is that you should not be dependent on a political system to meet your needs, protect you and guide you and your family through life. It is a corrupted system and one which the Antichrist is using now as he prepares to step onto the world stage.  He is in fact already using it to strip God from our lives. If that fallen system is the one you rely on for your well being, you will be deceived and possibly destroyed by it.

Who You CAN Trust
Trust God and not this world. This world and every system in it is corrupted by Satan, the god of this world, who comes to steal, kill and destroy (John 10:10). Be a light but expect there to be darkness around you. Do not let your guard down, especially in these last days of deception. Go ahead and vote but do not place your trust in a man or woman who will be immediately targeted for control. Keep your trust in God and His Word. Pray with faith and perseverance.

Therefore do not fear them. For there is nothing covered that will not be revealed, and hidden that will not be known. Matthew 10:26-28.

With God nothing is impossible!

Dale & Paula Black

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