Ministry Relocation Project 2020

Eagle International Church and Dale Black Ministries
Goal $13,920 Amount Raised (approximate): $14,100 Amount Still Needed: $0

Praise the Lord, many have continued to give, however due to our move, we cannot accurately finalize the numbers until our office is re-established. Thank you for your patience and THANK YOU FOR YOUR SUPPORT!!!

NEWS FLASH! God has moved this ministry to Coeur d’Alene, Idaho. Yes, out of California, to the beautiful and more Christian-friendly location.

After months of prayer and seeking the Lord’s direction, we have followed the next steps in the leading of the Holy Spirit and relocated the ministry 1,378 miles north. Not only will each ministry dollar be stretched because of the reduced cost of living, but also there is more favor to minister and preach God’s uncompromising Word.

Although we are not yet fully settled, the office is now semi-functioning… and every day we are making progress toward an effective ministry life in this beautiful area of north Idaho.

moving clipart png - Clip Art LibraryPin on Atheist & InspirationalIt seems clear that the evil agenda will accelerate as we draw nearer to the November election and the escalation of the Deep State’s attempts to prepare the way for the appearance of Antichrist.

We have lived in California for a lifetime (Dale since he was age one and Paula since age 5). Although we have moved away from time to time, we have always come back and we expected to remain for the rest of our lives. We have 5 generations of family and lifetime friendships that we will be leaving. Yet, God has clearly directed this relocation. We don’t understand all the reasons ‘why’, but we sense the urgency of this move so we have not delayed. And with your help, God has provided what has been needed. Thank you and praise the Lord!

It is sad to watch our beloved state government of California work in such submission to the Deep State’s evil plans.

We believe that the end of days are upon us and accelerating quickly. But still, there is a great spiritual harvest occurring globally and many Christians are reviving their commitment to follow Jesus more faithfully. There is much work for us with our part in God’s kingdom and we pledge to continue to preach and teach God’s uncompromising Word right up until we have no more breath in our lungs.

Маргаашаас ихэнх зуслан хүүхдүүд авч эхэлнэThe global online church will go forward, along with a local church congregation and a local ministry community. We pray God will allow us to complete our task and with your help we will.

The ministry is looking for 12 couples, families or individuals to relocate with us to support and plant the local ministry and church. Is your heart being stirred? If you are feeling lead to join in this fight and become part of the local Eagle International Church community in north Idaho, please let us know. Free People, Download Free Clip Art, Fre #428390 - PNG Images - PNGioAlready we have received emails from many of you expressing an interest in moving and helping us plant this new work. We are in awe of how God is stirring the hearts of His people. It has confirmed again that this is His plan, not ours. We look forward to fellowshipping and worshiping with those God brings alongside us. We will be reaching out to those that have expressed an interest to see what the Lord may be doing to bring us all to a local place. If you would like to be added to that list and receive additional information about relocating to the Coeur d’Alene area to help us plant a new church and spiritual community, you can email

During these troubled times, multitudes are searching for meaning to life, answers to the chaos and uncertainty, and purpose that transcends their personal goals. Dale and Paula’s hearts long to meet the spiritual needs represented throughout the world and point people to the only solution…Jesus Christ.

A Message From Dale & Paula: We believe we are in the last days. And helping prepare Christians to face the uncertainties that lay ahead is a prime concern. At the same time, deception is a real threat to the Church. Every individual needs to be prepared to faithfully persevere… either until the end of their life, or the end of this age when Jesus returns for His Church. There is much to be done and time is short. In this current age of internet, advanced technology and global connection, worldwide community and ministry are possible. People are hungrier than ever for the truth of God’s Word and to be connected to a strong spiritual community. Dale and Paula will teach God’s word in a powerful, personable, and introspective way each week. Eventually to be Live Streaming as the funds and technical assistance are provided and supported.

File:Emojione 1F493.svg - Wikimedia CommonsBecome a part of the global online church or come and visit in person. If possible, consider relocating with us to help plant this work. By the way, Dale Black Ministries and Winning Over Cancer Ministries will continue under the Eagle International Church covering.

Is your heart stirred? Is your spirit willing? You can help: * Through your financial giving to keep the ministry going forward. * Relocating to join us as part of the local church plant and become a valued part of the spiritual community. * Through your prayers and intercession for our protection and guidance as we seek to follow God’s leading in these last days.

       $13,918 Goal Exceeded!                  Thank you to all who helped us relocate:              

Carlo Lucido
Marianne Oelund
Christina DeCamara
Tracy Ashe
Jennifer Brundage
Elena Fahmy
Dennis Dahl
Marsha Teodori
Sharon Peterson
David Parkes
Steve & Georgia Collett
A J Acqu
James & Gayle Fargo
Angelina Michael
Jim &Toni Mitchell
Louis & Amy Peterson
Julie Polyanski
Tim Tully
Dana Ward
June Webb
Kevin Bowen
Chet Weld
Doug McCrae
Cecil & Barbara Morelock
David Hall
Linda Seifert
Daniel & Terri Mitchell
Ron Short
Patricia Craven
Kon & Emily Wong
Jess & Bonnie Dixon
Angela Olson
Dodie Ulrich
Gary Loftsgard
Jean Capps
Derrick Bridges
Patty Jackson
Jorenna Gunnell
Nadja Zattoni