Healing IS God’s will. Contrary to what a great number of preachers are teaching these days, God is still and has always been in the business of healing His children. Yet most of the people I’ve talked to …  are surprised when they hear that healing from God was not just a ministry that started when Jesus came to earth.  Even with a person’s first reading of the Bible, it can be readily seen that healing is not just a New Testament blessing.  You see, God has always provided healing for His people through His promises, called His covenants. God indicated of Himself to be the Great Physician when he told Israel that if they would obey His Word, none of the diseases of Egypt would come upon them. He said, “For I am the Lord that heals you.” Exodus 15:26. When God gave Israel the blessing of the law He said if they would seek diligently to the voice of the Lord and to be careful to do his commandments then all these blessings would come upon them and overtake them.  God placed Himself as Israel’s healer – Jehovah Rapha. But know this also. Healing was not an automatic blessing.  Healing was conditional and available to those who diligently obey God’s Word. In this day of the New Covenant, does not require perfection. He does, however, reward diligence. Trying daily to be all God wants you to be is just what He wants. You will mistakes and you may find yourself slipping from His best. Stop right as soon as you know it…and repent. Ask God to forgive you. Tell Him to help you not to slip again. And keep going…seeking His will and the healing He provides. Look at this verse of scripture. “Fools because of their transgression, and because of their iniquities, were afflicted. Then they cried out to the Lord in their trouble, and He saved them out of their distresses.  He sent His Word, and healed them, and delivered them from their destructions.”  Psalms 107:17, 19-20. Disease came to the children of Israel through disobedience to the law of God. Forgiveness for that disobedience brought healing for their bodies.  God provided the umbrella of protection and blessing for His people through His Word.  When His people sinned, they then broke the contract. With sin they took themselves out from under God’s protection. As long as Israel kept their covenant with God there were no diseases that were powerful enough to come upon. We see that when they turned away from God’s Word and His protective covering, disease entered their bodies. Through disobedience they willingly left God’s protection and, therefore, the curse, which was already upon the earth, overtook them.  The entire world was under the curse which resulted when Adam changed gods and when Satan became Adam’s ruler. Without acting in obedience on God’s Word Israel became helpless in the face of sickness, over poverty and even over her enemies. Israel would end up being just like the other nations when they were disobedient. As a result of sin, the curse would come up on Israel if they acted like everyone else. God the Father is a God of love, light and life. From the very beginning He has desired freedom for His people. The curse that came upon the earth when Adam committed sin was not the will of God. Adam’s sin was not God’s will in any stretch of the imagination.  Adam was a free man and he was the ruler of the earth. God had given him this domain. Adam through his own choice gave Satan authority over him. The nature of spiritual death replaced God’s life in Adams spirit.  Sickness came into this world on the wings of spiritual death.  Man was not sick before he died spiritually and this was accomplished during the fall. Adam’s sin was not even God’s will.  Neither are the results that sin brings. None of these things are the will of God’s.  Satan was given authority at the fall of man in the original curse. This authority of the enemy over the earth are manifested in the spirit realm. Sickness is manifested in the body.  Both are the result of man giving Satan domination at the time of the fall. Both are works of evil. None are the will of God. Please know that neither are from the hand of God. I think it’s important to connect the dots. If it had been God’s will to have sickness and death in existence in the lives of the man and women He created, then it seems logical that God would have placed sickness and death in the garden from the beginning. God Himself would have not brought sickness or sin by the hand of His enemy. No. Sickness and death were never God’s will. These came as a result of disobedience. Maybe now we can see why it’s necessary for Israel to diligently hearken to God’s Word.  The curse was and is a powerful force.  It has overtaken the whole world.  God was not being hard or demanding in order to put a burden on his people through the statutes and the ordinances. Only a power greater than the evil can overcome this curse. That power is God’s Word. God’s Word, His promises, can stop the effects of the curse still today.  The keeping of God’s covenant was Israel’s deliverance. And God is the same, yesterday, today and forever. Take the quality time necessary to humble yourself before the Lord and rededicate your life and everything in it, to Him and His purposes. Ask Him to fill you with His Holy Spirit. Commit yourself to walk daily, surrendered to Him. If you really want to live in victory and have Godly success, in healing or whatever comes your way, you will need to base your life on the living Word of God.

You can do it! With God nothing is impossible!
Dale & Paula  

BELIEVERS UNITE! Satan tries to divide… to dis-unify. But together we can do amazing and wonderful things. Look at this promise from God to the children of Israel. “Five of you shall chase a hundred, and a hundred of you shall put ten thousand to flight.” Leviticus 26:8. 

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Remember, with God nothing is impossible!
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Another praise report this week: I happened to catch Capt. Dale on Tribulation radio and loved every word of his incredible journey. I have since ordered his book. What a genuine heart for the lost. If any listener hadn’t already accepted Christ into their life, after Dale’s program and invitation, anyone would have an undeniable desire to do so. Take the journey with Jesus as your co-pilot, it is well worth it all. Dan L, Miami, FL