Paula Black, co-pastor of EIC, Describes the “Ministry Relocation Project.” NEWS FLASH! God is moving this ministry to Coeur d’Alene, Idaho starting now. Yes, out of California to the beautiful and more Christian friendly location. Dale is already in Coeur DALE’ NE (that’s how he spells it :).

After months of prayer and seeking the Lord’s direction, it is time to follow the next step in the leading of the Holy Spirit and relocate the ministry 1,378 miles north. Not only will each ministry dollar be stretched because of the reduced cost of living, but also there is more favor to minister and preach God’s uncompromising Word.

We have a strong sense of urgency to do this quickly. But we need help! We don’t like asking for help, but God continues to correct our natural desires and He has commanded Dale, Paula and Kara to notify the partners of this ministry need, and to trust the Lord for clear and supernatural provision and direction throughout.

At present we are doing this move entirely by faith and obedience. If your heart is stirred to help or to learn more, go to:

To do what we are ‘called’ to do, relocation is imperative. Never before has there been the urgency to get in position for the last days. The end of days are upon us and accelerating quickly. But still, there is a great spiritual harvest occurring globally.  There is much work for us with our part in God’s kingdom and we pledge to continue to preach and teach God’s uncompromising Word right up until we have no more breath in our lungs.

Маргаашаас ихэнх зуслан хүүхдүүд авч эхэлнэThe global online church will go forward, along with a local church congregation and a local ministry community. We pray God will allow us to complete our task and with your help we will. In our prayerful search of where God would send us, we have determined that we need to be in a more God-friendly community and out of a large metropolitan area. The Lord has confirmed His choice multiple times and we are not looking back. It is Coeur d’Alene, Idaho.

The ministry is looking for 12 couples, families or individuals to relocate with us to support and plant the local ministry and church. Is your heart being stirred? If you are feeling lead to join in this fight and become part of the local Eagle International Church community in north Idaho, please let us know. Free People, Download Free Clip Art, Fre #428390 - PNG Images - PNGioAlready we have received emails from many of you expressing an interest in moving and helping us plant this new work. We are in awe of how God is stirring the hearts of His people. It has confirmed again that this is His plan, not ours. We look forward to fellow-shipping and worshiping with those God brings alongside us. Once we land, we will be reaching out to those that have expressed an interest to see what the Lord may be doing to bring us all to a local place. If you would like to be added to that list and receive additional information about relocating to the Coeur d’Alene area to help us plant a new church and spiritual community, you can email [email protected].

To give toward Eagle International Church and to expedite weekly livestreaming teaching from Dale & Paula Black, go to:

With God nothing is impossible!