Messages From Heaven Ministries



The Messages From Heaven Ministry is the heart and soul of Dale Black Ministries a/k/a Eagle International Church. Each and every week Dale Black pours over the thousands of emails and communication from viewers and readers from all over the globe and he answers the most prominent questions using the Bible along with a heavenly perspective. This is sent via Web-TV video teaching. The questions come from people all over the globe and range from basic Christian teachings of Jesus such as salvation and baptism and all the way to healing and current and relevant teaching on Bible prophecy. Don’t miss any teachings so make sure you subscribe to the Dale Black Ministries channel on YouTube. Thank you partners, for your prayers and financial support to continue this teaching to the unchurched worldwide. Now reaching into 194 countries with over 100,000 viewers each week and subscribers are growing exponentially. Thank the Good Lord for His word. You can see ALL videos under the BLOG page of this website, or visit the Dale Black Ministries channel on YouTube.