The word mayday is an international distress signal for ships and aircraft. But when a U.S. airliner is about to make a very hard landing, flight crews are trained to shout, “BRACE, BRACE, BRACE” before touch down. Passengers were told earlier to tighten their seat belts and be prepared to place their heads down low between or just above their knees. In theory, the “triple brace” call can help prepare PAX (passengers) for the emergency.

As you begin reading this letter let me warn you too…”Brace Yourself.” I don’t mean physically, but emotionally. Brace yourself intellectually. What you may read in the next few paragraphs may knock the wind out of you. Once you learn the truth about cancer, which Paula and I have learned during four years of research and now with decades of evidence and supporting documentations, you may feel like you’ve had the wind knocked out of you. So please, prepare yourself.

I doubt if anyone reading this sentence doesn’t know someone who has been diagnosed with cancer. If you are like most Americans everything you have heard and learned about cancer (and many other chronic diseases) since you were born, will be almost the complete opposite of the ‘truth. Me too. Jesus said, “The truth shall make you free.” Since childhood we have been taught to believe those in authority. We’ve been trained to trust the ‘experts’ that we hear on radio or see on TV.

Almost all of us have been conditioned to believe in the medical system and to accept whatever the doctor tells us. The result of this trust (sometimes blind trust) is that we have a society filled with followers instead of independent thinkers. The masses, acting like cattle, follow the seeming safety of the herd. Most are easily persuaded, easily spooked, and in some cases just stop thinking for themselves.

Starting right now, may I ask that do yourself a life-saving favor. Make a mental adjustment right now—before your read any further. Make a quality decision for yourself that you will read with an open mind, even an open heart. Believe me, I have NOTHING to gain by telling you information that is so shocking. I don’t enjoy being the one to raise the alarm and give the unexpected news. I have already personally paid a high price for this information. But I must say, I’m also willing to give my life for these truths. Why? Because I work for God, not for man. My drum beat is that from my Father in Heaven—not for money, or fame or personal gain.

First you should know that when you hear the REAL TRUTH about cancer and other systemic diseases, you will experience the “AUTO REJECT” factor. Most people have difficulty overcoming the automatic “rejection” factor, meaning… “that can’t be true”. For 17 years I have shared these truths and the most common reaction I get is, “no way” or “that can’t be” or “that’s not true because….” Believe me, I do understand. In fact, my reaction at the beginning of my discoveries almost two decades ago was exactly the same. I said to myself over and over, “this is not possible”. Tanya Harter Pierce, author of “Outsmart Your Cancer”, calls this the “disbelief factor.” When I first began to learn about successful alternative cancer treatments almost a decade ago, and would share the knowledge with others, the common response was “NO WAY!”

The “AUTO REJECT” factor is completely based on misinformation. We have the misperception that if there was a natural cure for cancer, there is no way that my doctor, and everyone in the world wouldn’t know about it. And if alternative cancer treatments really worked, then there is not a chance my oncologists would still use toxic chemo and conventional medical treatments to fight cancer. Would they?

BRACE, BRACE, BRACE! You should know that doctors and oncologist are just people themselves. Medical professionals also suffer from the “AUTO REJECT’ factor just like everyone else. They think that if there was a cure for cancer, if alternative cancer treatments actually worked, then how in the world could that be possible that they wouldn’t know about it? There is an auto reject factor that kicks in when he or she says to themselves, “How could I graduate from medical school without hearing this life-saving information?”

Under the surface we find the answers. Medical schools are financed primarily by big corporations, many of them pharmaceutical companies, who have a financial and vested interest in conventional medicine. And any business student knows that the primary goal of any publicly traded company is to assure growing shareholder profits.

You will likely be shocked by what you read in “Life, Cancer and God” the book my wife Paula and I have co-written. Brace yourself. And prepare yourself to counter your natural reaction of skepticism. Counter your disbelief and doubt with an open mind—it could save the live of a loved one (or your own life). As I said earlier, I do understand these reactions because my response at first was similar, but I was so interested in finding the truth that I stayed in there and kept my mind and heart open as I discovered more and more real evidence of the truths I was learning.

Trust me… cancer IS reversible. Cancer can be cured but not with chemotherapy, not with radiation and not with surgery (occasionally but seldom, surgery could be helpful. Learn more in “Life, Cancer and God”). It is vital that once diagnosed with cancer…you do the right thing FIRST. So please, learn to do your own research. It’s never been easier or more convenient to learn. You can benefit greatly for the hours it takes you to do your own research.

At the end of your due diligence, if you choose to disbelieve what you will have learned, then okay. So be it. At least you will have been informed of scientific truths and actual results. You are free to believe what you choose to believe. On the other hand, if you take my challenge seriously and read with an alert mind and open heart, the information you will learn is likely to save lives for God’s glory.

With love and support to be all God wants you to be. Remember, with God nothing is impossible. 

Dale and Paula Black

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