Today’s message is about The Mark of the Beast and 3 things that must happen first. This is a subject we all need to become more familiar with as we seem to be in the days leading toward this prophetic event. How we identify and handle this mandated situation when it occurs, will determine our eternal destination.

Even what we’re experiencing now with the upcoming vaccines gives us a look at how the Deep State wants to handle mandatory controls regarding the population. Already statements are being made preparing the mindset of the population — that they can’t attend school or go to work if they don’t submit to mandatory vaccines, once the are available. With the Mark of the Beast the cost will be much more severe. 

Is what we are experiencing now with the vaccine a precursor to the Mark of the Beast? The principles are quite parallel. It’s an opportunity to learn what we need to learn so that we make correct decisions when the Mark of the Beast is implemented.

With God nothing is impossible!


Dale and Paula

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  “Excellent teaching to equip the end time church…..thank you and bless you so much for this! Georgia – UK
  “Thank you for all that you are doing. Your kindness and love shines through. God bless you and your family.” Lisa
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  “Keep up the good work sir! God Bless you and more power. I Pray🙏. Watching from Dubai.” Rosellia
  “So much coming against we Christians these’re not alone in your persecution. Our enemy is surely going around as a roaring lion, seeking to devour. Jesus told us about this tho, so we can take heart knowing our end. And think what our Savior suffered for us. We can endure. God bless you and Paula as well as your daughter. You give us encouragement when we hear your messages. I love them.” Margaret

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