As I write to you today, I’m astounded at the division I am sensing in the United States. Moreover, I’m stupefied at how many don’t seem to notice. Making wise media choices has a direct impact on unity vs disunity.

Many of you know I’ve been an amateur World War II historian for most of my adult life. The first two things required to control a country and its people are a substantial military force, and a controlled media. This is how Adolf Hitler began. The ‘brown shirts’ were his first military protectors. Then as soon as he became chancellor, he began working to control the media. After the “night of the long knives,” 1,000 newspapers were forced out of business the following day. The remaining 500 or so media sources were squashed by the end of the week.

Control of the media is crucial to controlling the people. As Christians we must be discerning and cautious about who controls our media. Personally, once I find out ‘who owns’ the media source, that’s enough for me to know who to trust, and more frequently, who not to trust.

In the United States there is great polarization taking place each day. The middle ground—or gray area—is being strategically eliminated. People are being forced to choose ONE side or another. Pro-nationalism or globalism. Pro-life or choice. Pro-Republican or Democrat. Pro-establishment or anti-establishment. Pro Satan’s agenda or pro God’s.

Much of the division I am seeing and experiencing—even among family and friends whom I believe are Heaven bound—is rooted in where each person is getting their information. And as these sources become more extreme, angry and intolerant, we see the population following suit.

Where do you get your news? What’s forming your reality and your belief system? We are living in a day when this will largely direct our path and opinions—ultimately effecting our spiritual well-being.

Jesus gives us instruction and guidelines in our decisions about where and how we gain our information. As Christians, committed to unity and truth, if we follow principles from the Bible, these instructions will help us when we turn to the media for information.

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The intent with this newsletter is to assist you in determining what is spiritually beneficial for you when it comes to exposure to media. The consumption of media in today’s world is staggering. The average American consumes five hours per day of television alone. This does not include time on social media, listening to music, playing video games, or reading magazines. This excessive amount of input is shaping our thoughts and lives whether we want it to or not.

Spending this much time immersed in media can cause problems for anyone, but especially Christians. Why? Because it is exposure to ideas and images that often directly oppose God’s will and His Word. Let’s face it… most of today’s media is about as far away from biblical values as you can get.

As a Christian it is our responsibility before the Lord to guard our hearts and minds. As a parent, it is our responsibility to guard our children’s spirits and beliefs as they grow.

To design a guideline to help you protect yourself and your family from the influences of the world—whether regarding a movie, television, music or social media—consider the following:

  1. Is it positive?

Philippians 4:8 teaches us that as believers our minds should be focused on things that meet the following criteria:

Whatever is true;
Whatever is honorable and right;
Whatever is pure, lovely and admirable;
​​​Whatever is excellent, worthy of praise and of a good report.

With these things in mind, we can easily recognize much of TV is gossip, false information, and ungodly morals—not to mention a lack of valuing God.

Instead of binging on such forms of entertainment, determine to let your time be used for your benefit. Consider reducing the amount of time you spend consuming media and replace just one hour per day with the Word of God. You’ll be amazed by how much your life will change!

  1. Is the media you are consuming blatantly against biblical values?

Ask yourself the following about any television show, movie, book, magazine or music you’re considering:

Does it promote premarital sex?
Does it glorify divorce?
Does it normalize homosexuality or transgenderism?
Does it attack Christians or Christian values?
Does it depict women as sexual objects?
Does it use foul language?
Does it include mysticism (fortunetelling, psychics, witchcraft, ghost activity or other demonic activity)?
Does it include graphic violence?

Are the ideas presented things I would want to teach my children or grandchildren?

How can you know if media contains these items before watching them? Much of the time, discernment will be the answer. Obviously, an R-rated movie is designated for just that reason. If you need additional help, there are Christian organizations, such as or, which offer family friendly media reviews from a Christian perspective.

The Bible renews your mind to the truth of God’s Word and stirs up hope and faith in you. On the contrary, poor media choices direct your mind in the opposite direction—bringing fearful thoughts that expect bad things to happen.

If after reading these guidelines, you discover some areas that need changing in your own life, be encouraged to make the changes that will bring benefits and blessings to your life.

We are entering days that are perilous. We do not have the luxury of lowering our defenses or not remaining alert. Jesus often used warnings when speaking of the last days—admonishing us to be prepared, to stay watchful and alert, and to be ready to persevere when things became more difficult.

Determine to stay in the center of the Lord’s will and be diligent about guarding the information you allow into your heart and mind. As we remain anchored in Jesus we can experience love, joy, peace, patience, kindness, goodness, faithfulness, gentleness, and self-control—all the fruits of the spirit—even during troubled times.

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Dale and Paula

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