When someone learns that I have taken a journey to Heaven and back, they often ask me to share something of what I experienced. You may be surprised to learn that my immediate response is to emotionally push back and to be reluctant to talk about Heaven’s treasures. I’ve learned there is a massive gap between what people want to hear and what I am willing to reveal.

You see, Heaven is more precious and sacred to me than I can articulate. Describing the things I saw and heard often seem trivial in comparison to the deeper, more central truths of what Heaven is about. The most profound aspects of Heaven are not what I call “eye and ear candy.” More important than what I saw and heard is what I came to understand about God.

For example, almost immediately what I noticed was the complete absence of pride. In Heaven there is no pretense or deception. None of Heaven is about you or me… but it is all about God. Everything good that we do and have done is because of God’s love and Christ’s power in us. We can take no glory. That explains the scripture that describes “casting our crowns at the Lord’s feet.” Because every reward we receive… He is the reason. There is nothing we can take glory for or be prideful about. It’s an amazing thing to experience a community where every being is giving glory where it is due, to God. What unity there is… what joy and gratefulness exists and binds us together in Heaven.

It’s no wonder Jesus commanded us to love one another and maintain unity amongst the brethren. It creates a reflection of Heaven’s community on earth.

Then there is the blood. We learn that on earth, the life of the flesh is in the blood. In fact, on earth, God accepts shed blood as atonement for sin. Likewise, in Heaven, it is the shed blood that binds everyone together in perfect love and unity. It’s the blood of Jesus that was shed for the forgiveness of sin. The cross is still a central focus in Heaven because it represents how each of us entered such a perfect place when we were so imperfect and unworthy yet are benefactors of so much.

Because of His blood every person can become a child of God. None of us can earn the gift of salvation. It can’t be purchased or traded or negotiated. It is because of the blood of the Lamb, shed for you and for me, that any person can enter Heaven at all. So how can pride exist when all one does to gain entrance into Heaven is to receive a free gift? I realize that these facts are likely things you know with your intellect, but the deeper truths of these things are profoundly embedded in my heart and impact me to my core.

Do you see what I mean? I’ve just told you about only two aspects of Heaven, pride and the blood. Neither can be seen. Both are learned attributes of Heaven, like holiness and unconditional love. It is the qualities I learned about God who governs all of Heaven that changed me the most and continue to ripple throughout my life to this day.

Through the upcoming book series, “Heaven: Secrets of Life After Death” I can now share all of it—the sensational visual and audio splendors and, more importantly, the revelational truths that I came to understand that changed everything for me. When I pause to remember, I am still awed by the majesty.

In the meantime, may I suggest that we do our best to let the love of God flow into us, and then through us to touch those around us. With the love of God we literally can change our world.

With God nothing is impossible.


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