Learn about TWO aspects of Heaven that are seldom discussed and are beyond “what is seen and heard.” According to the only survivor of a plane crash, and author of THE HEAVEN SERIES and FLIGHT TO HEAVEN, there is SO MUCH more about Heaven to understand than what meets the eye. Watch this New Video made possible by the Partners of Dale Black Ministries.

This week, why not be God’s representative as a reflection of the One Who saved you and gave His life for you. Let His light shine through you when it’s the toughest and victory will win out. Let your life be a testimony of God’s word and His ways. You can do it!

Remember, With God nothing is impossible!
Dale and Paula Black

Look what God is doing!
We’ve reached the 1,000 subscribers milestone this week! More importantly, the gospel is going out with each video and newsletter. You might be stunned that overall viewership has increased by 20% in less than 1 month! Praise the Lord! Thank you partners! We’ll also be moving into our first office/studio within 2 months. God is using you mightily. Thanks again.
   Below is a picture of the stat totals for the Dale Black Ministries YouTube Channel as well as the numbers for the last 28 days. God is blessing our efforts.

What Others Are Saying:
   “Beautiful Joyful Testimony.  Wonderfully told. Blessings to you & Paula.” 7Princess
“Love to listen to such stories like this and promised to keep listening every day and night. I am also praying and asking God for total control of my life. Thanks very much may God bless u and family. Help pray along with me so that I may learn to live for him always.” Amen. Jeanette H
“My name is Austin and I am in 6th grade.  I have a ginormous passion for aviation and I want to become an airline pilot someday.  I recently checked out your book at my library and I am just truly awestruck at your experience.  No book has ever made me cry but this one did it for me.  To think of the severity of the situation makes my eyes water.”  Austin S.
   “I enjoy your videos and I read your books: “Flight to Heaven” and “Life, Cancer and God.” I could not put them down until finished. What an amazing testimony of our Lord’s power and love!” Sophie TL
“Thank you Dale and Paula. You have made a difference in my life. I have been encouraged and have learned many things from your teachings. I feel you are part of my family and I thank God for you.”
Don B.

Together we are reaching people from around the globe for the Lord Jesus. You can help by checking into the benefits of DBM PARTNERSHIP.

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