Let me ask… do you desire the incredible power of God to be released in you? If so, then put the love command into action. Make loving others a regular, high priority. You don’t need to win everyone over. It’s not about how the other person responds. It’s about you making the choice to love those around you with the love of God.

A local businessman and his associate came to our ministry storage unit to look at something we were selling recently. Little did either of them know, the love of God was strong and they would get close to its flow during their visit. With a few questions to get acquainted and a conversation that brought up spiritual things, Paula asked, “Do you think you’ll go to heaven when you die?” One of the men said, “I would like to think so, but don’t know.” With that she handed them our book Flight To Heaven. (God helps us give away one book everyday containing a gospel track as a gospel outreach. This was their day).

Both men prayed with us in the parking lot. One was saved and the other repented and invited Jesus into his heart. He is part of the family of God and is heaven bound. Praise the Lord Jesus. God had orchestrated our meeting, which had nothing to do with spiritual things, but ended up with the angels in heaven rejoicing. The other man said, “I’ve been praying for my friend for years. Thank you for sharing the gospel with him in such a wonderful and effective way. Who knew this meeting would be such an important one.” 

Jesus said, “This is my commandment, That you love one another, as I have loved you. Greater love has no man than this, that a man lay down his life for his friends.” – John 15:12-13

Jesus was our example of what love is and what it accomplishes. Love overcomes evil. It changes hearts. It brings hope. It changes eternal destinations. And it has God’s supernatural power within it to bring the Holy Spirit into any situation.

The infinite power of love is something that every redeemed person has access to. They have the ability to channel this powerful force of God. The Bible tells us that God is Love. Not that He has this wonderful attribute, but that it is WHO He is! He is Love. Think about that. If we love with His love, we are loving with God Himself. Bring Heaven to earth through the force of Love. Now that changes things.

Love is the first command Jesus gave to His followers. Sounds easy enough but all too many Christians neglect being servants of this all-important power. I’ve met many believers who have memorized great amounts of Scripture. Some may pray with authority in the Name of Jesus. Many are so busy serving the Lord, they don’t have the time or concern about serving people. Yet, in spite of all their spiritual activity… some of these same people are unloving to family and friends alike. They go about their day being self-focused and acting rough and abrasive. Sometimes they are so hurt and resentful toward another person that they forget they have been given a command… to love.

Love isn’t a “feeling.” It doesn’t come and go independent of our will. It is a choice. Much like the choice Jesus made to sacrifice Himself for our good. Are you willing to sacrificially love in the face of hurt? Are you willing choose to love, in spite of your emotional self screaming, “They don’t deserve to be loved!”

In 1 John 4:19, we learn that love has to be given first. “We love Him because He first loved us.” Almost everything in God’s kingdom is contrary to the way this world works. We give first and then we receive (Luke 6:38).

Possibly your spirit was reborn decades ago. Maybe you’ve been baptized and filled with the Holy Spirit. But in spite of this, you may recognize that you have allowed disunity and strife in your heart. You may be one of those who is willing to admit you’re not living by the love command of the Jesus.

Others live as if spiritual things are foolish–going through life thinking they are born-again but not wanting to give too much attention to the things of God’s kingdom. In other words, you may be worldly-minded or know those who are. In this case, Jesus is not Lord in your life, and the problem with this condition is that the power of God has broken down. The many blessings God has made available to His children, simply go out the window and this person goes through life in their own strength instead of God’s.

Without love as the primary ingredient in your life as a Christian, the power of God just won’t work. That means your prayers go unanswered and living within the supernatural direction and blessings of the Lord all falls apart. God didn’t tell us to LOVE because it’s fun or makes things rosy. Loving others is a difficult choice. It takes effort and often goes against our natural desires. But when we choose to love with God’s love, not because we feel like it, but out of obedience… because He commanded it–only then do we activate His power in our life.

The Bible says that faith works by love. Not only that, but the gifts of the Spirit won’t work if you don’t have love. First Corinthians 13 tells us this.

Love is where the power comes from. Remember, when you love with God’s love–you include God into the situation. The power of God simply won’t work without love. Have you seen failure and defeat in the Body of Christ? At the core of most of the problems lies a lack of God’s love being put into action.

Starting today, we can turn failures around. We can decide to let the love of God flow through us… to love others effectively… powerfully. Make the decision to walk in love. But know that you can’t manufacture this love on your own. This supernatural love is from God. Spend time with Him. Read His Word. Talk to Him through prayer. Praise Him and thank Him for all He has done and will do in your life. His love will flow into you and out from you when you spend quality time with Him. Love is a byproduct of an intimate relationship with God and the choice to obey.

Keep the love command. As you step out in faith to act in love, God will give you the love you need. Then you will see the power of God begin to flow again. And the world will take notice.

Remember, with God Nothing Is Impossible!

Dale & Paula Black

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