Today’s message is the conclusion of the miracle healing of Dale’s ankle following a fatal airplane crash. We pray this story will build your faith and inspire your trust in the Lord. To read Part 1 of this testimony, click here:

Losing Life To Find It – conclusion 
Back in Dr. Graham’s office, x-rays of my ankle were taken. Five of my college friends and I gathered around the viewing screen . . . again. I explained to the doctor briefly what had gone wrong the last time. I told him how I had failed to realize that my faith must be rooted in the promises of God and not in circumstances. I had forgotten that my faith would be tested before I received God’s promise and explained that during the following appointment, I had believed the x-rays more than God’s promise. But now I had gone through the test of faith and I was ready. My friends and I held hands and prayed, thanking God for His love, for His faithfulness, and for His Word.

Once again Dr. Graham placed the negatives on the screen. On this occasion, it took the long-suffering doctor even more time to speak.

Finally, he turned to me and reluctantly revealed his findings. “Dale, I’m sorry.” He was clearly stressed. “Not only is there no progress, but now we have waited too long. There is no blood circulation in your ankle at all. There is nothing we can do to reverse the situation now.” Pointing to the x-ray, he explained, “That bone is completely dead.”

What? I was stunned. How could this be? I had done everything on my checklist. I had corrected my error. This was not the way things were supposed to work. My thoughts and questions could not be contained. As far as I was concerned, the news was as bad as it could be, and I was devastated. If I could not trust God, then I could never trust anyone or anything. Ever.

As my friends and I made our way back toward campus, no one said a word during an excruciating hour of intense silence inside the car. To make matters worse, my ankle bone burned with pain inside the cast as if wanting to remind me of my failure.

No one was more relieved than I when we arrived back at the dorm. Grabbing my crutches without speaking, I hurried as fast as they could carry me to my room, where I slammed and locked the door. The overwhelming doubts and fears that crowded in felt as if they would crush me. You’re a fool, Dale Black. You’re a stupid fool to go against medical advice and to put your complete trust in God. Everyone else was right, and you were wrong! You obviously don’t know what you’re doing, and now you’ll never walk again. You can forget about sports. Flying is out of the question, forever. All because of your idiotic faith experiment. God doesn’t heal everybody. It was a big mistake not to have had that bone fusion operation. At least you could have walked again. But no, you had to act like some big man of faith. Now look at what you’ve got. Nothing. Welcome to the world of lifetime cripples. How could you be so stupid, Dale? Now you’ve lost everything.

Because of my many injuries and broken back, it was extremely difficult for me to sit comfortably. The most pain-free position I had discovered was on my knees leaning over the edge of my bed. The next day, that’s exactly where I found myself, on my knees at the side of my bed. Broken. Desperate. Angry. And alone.

The door to my dorm room was locked because there wasn’t a person on earth that I wanted to talk to. Only God. But what I had to say to Him was not particularly reverent. “God, You’ve blown it! I’ve made an absolute fool of myself in front of the medical staff and in front of my friends. Not only that, but we’ve made a real mess of making my life into anything that gives You glory. Worst of all—for me anyway—my vocational goals have come to a dead end. And now I’m crippled for life with severe arthritis just around the corner. How can this be Your will for me?”

I was way out of line, and I knew it. But still . . .  I continued. “Why didn’t You do what You said You would do in your promises from the Bible? Is this some kind of cruel joke? I did everything on the checklist. I did all of it, but You didn’t keep Your part of the deal. What else do You want from me? Do you really want me in a wheelchair for life? Is that it? Well, that’s exactly what You’ve got!” I felt completely lost. Angry. Alone. As though I had been abandoned in the middle of battle.

In the silence that followed my selfish temper tantrum, I heard a clear yet gentle voice in my heart. “Dale, why do you want to be healed so badly? Seek first the kingdom of God, and His righteousness, and all these things will be added to you.”

I had read that scripture recently, several times, but somehow, I had just passed by the part about seeking His righteousness. Now tears began to flow down my face, and once more I sensed Him speaking. “Seek Me first. And My righteousness, Dale. And all these things will be added to you.”

I knew exactly what He was telling me. I should have been seeking the Healer more than the healing. I had wanted a miracle more than I wanted the Miracle Worker. His words continued to resound in my heart. “My righteousness . . . My righteousness.”

Despite my outspoken faith and Christian talk . . . despite all my immense effort . . . I knew there were still hidden sins I hadn’t dealt with. My stubborn demands for healing were right at the top of the list. Sure, I believed the answer to my prayers would glorify God, but I was really more interested in what I would get out of it.

Amid this convicting interaction with the Holy Spirit, my heart shifted. I gave Him everything. Invited Him into every part of my life. Gave Him full and complete control. “Lord, I’m so sorry! I know that every day that I live is a gift from You already. It’s so obvious to everyone, especially me, that I should have died in that plane crash. I choose to trust and serve You, whether I’m in a wheelchair or not. Again, dear Jesus. I am so very sorry.”

If I’d seen heaven, then how could I still be so self-centered? I couldn’t understand it. How had I gotten so far off track? I fell before the Lord and just wept.

I wept as if my tears could wash away the adventurous life I had dreamed of for so long. Words poured out of my heart to the Lord. “I give up my obsession to walk again. I give up flying, sports, my quest for respect from others, everything. Lord Jesus, my future is in Your hands. I will continue to pray for healing because I believe that is Your will for me according to Your Word. But this time, You are in first place. First place in my life now and forever. I want to fulfill Your dreams for me—not mine.”

Right then I decided that no matter what the cost, I was going to serve Him with my all. I gave up my selfish goals and plans. I really did! “God, if You can use me better as a twenty-year-old in a wheelchair, as a cripple . . . then not my will, but Yours be done.” I didn’t just say the words. I meant them completely and entirely.

At that moment something happened to me that I had not heard about before. I experienced a physical sensation that felt as if a thick, rich, oil-like substance was being poured over my head, then flowed down, covering every part of me. The feeling was overwhelming. It is something I shall never forget. As this was happening, joy and peace filled my heart to overflowing. For the first time, I felt completely free!

A few days later I was asked if I wanted to share an update at the Wednesday night chapel service as I had done so often in the previous weeks. Instead of talking about my faith for healing, I shared a very simple message about surrender. About submitting to God in every area of our lives. I didn’t mention my ankle this time, nor did I invite anyone to go with me to my next doctor’s visit. My communication with everyone switched from talk of a miracle on my ankle to having a broken will and submitted heart toward Jesus.

When it came time for my next appointment with Dr. Graham, I went alone.

It had been two weeks since I had surrendered my entire life to God. Fourteen days since I had felt the warm “oil” flow over me . . . since I had resigned myself to life in a wheelchair, if God could use me better that way.

Driving toward Dr. Graham’s office, I found myself deviating a little off course. A few moments later I arrived at the familiar Valhalla Memorial Cemetery, where I pulled over and stopped just a few feet from where we had crashed at the Portal of the Folded Wings. On numerous occasions I had come to this spot where it seemed natural for me to connect with God. Maybe it’s because this was the place where I had left my body. Or maybe it was because this was the spot where I had learned I was already living in eternity. It was also the place of my friend and flight instructor’s death. Whatever the reason, this was where I came to ask God questions and listen for His answers.

Sitting on the grass next to the huge mausoleum, I reviewed in my mind the sequence of the aircraft smashing into the monument, my body falling to the ground, and then the “real me” hovering above. There at the monument, I again marveled at the miracle of how God spared my life.

On this particular day, my mind reviewed the spiritual checklist I had gotten from gramps. The one I had followed during the previous months. But this time, I renewed my love for God and vowed once again to serve Him for the remainder of my days at all cost.

Getting back in my car, I drove through traffic along the familiar streets to Dr. Graham’s office, only a few blocks away. This time I quietly entered the waiting area alone and smiled at the familiar face of the receptionist. Then I whispered a prayer, I am Yours, God. There were no expectations. Nothing was held back. Only a desire to be the person God wanted me to be.

Dr. Graham greeted me, surprised that I was alone. He updated me on all my injuries before taking routine x-rays of my ankle. After a short wait, he placed the images on the viewing screen. I didn’t bother to look this time. But I noticed that Dr. Graham stared, pondered, but didn’t say a word. He glanced at me with a brief look of confusion. Then in a soft gentle whisper, “Your ankle is healing, Dale.” He looked back at the images, shaking his head. He continued to point at the screen. “The blood in your ankle has started circulating again. I don’t understand it. And I cannot tell you why. But Dale, your ankle has healed more in the last two weeks than it has in the last six months combined.”

He lifted his eyes to look into my face as if he might find the answer there. He shook his head one last time. “I don’t understand this at all . . .”

In the sacredness of that moment, deep within my spirit, there was a resounding echo. “He who loses his life for My sake will find it” (Matthew 16:25).

Always remember, with God nothing is impossible!

Dale & Paula Black

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