Dale and Paula (Bible teachers, authors and online pastors), discuss what is happening in the world today, as the times we live in become more perilous. How does God feel about it, what should we expect next? Join in the candid discussion of Bible prophecy, how to avoid deception, and learn how God protects His faithful during persecution.

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Dale & Paula  

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What Others Are Saying:
   God is using you Dale and Paula, for such a time as this! Daily you are sending forth God’s message to the unchurched and those of us who need your messages, especially focused on the last days. We are praying that Satan would be bound and all your needs will be met.” Lorraine – CA
   “I love your messages and this one was such a wonderful timing one. Thank you for your wonderful messages and faith.” Marianne – CO
Dale and Paula. Your advice is always appreciated. Your wisdom comes from the Word of God and your committed efforts in studying. This is such good advice in this article for all of us. Thank you for sharing.” Don – WA
   “This message is so timely. I have profound appreciation for every word of it… Most of us somehow fooled ourselves into believing this day wouldn’t arrive in our time, despite all the warnings in His word but here we are and I feel that even through tribulation this only confirms His word and how real He truly is.” Jill – TX
    “Thank you Dale, for this timely message! It is something that the Lord has been working on in my life, and your input was most certainly sent by the Holy Spirit to speak to me. Glory to God!” Phyllis – NY

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