Having flown all over this world as a pilot and talking to Christians from all walks of life, I am fully convinced that most Christians would do exactly what God told them–IF–they knew for sure they were being directed by God. The same is true if they heard Him with their natural ears or saw Him with their natural eyes. Most of the time, however, God does not deal with us through our natural senses. He has sent His Spirit to live in our spirit to continually teach, enlighten and guide us.

To succeed in this life as a Believer, we must learn how to hear God in our spirit.  Three steps will help you do just that. Watch DBM Video now.

We are praying for you and want God’s best in all that you do and all you become in Christ. Make this a GREAT WEEK. With God nothing is impossible. God bless you and all those you love.

Dale and Paula

What Others Are Saying:
“God bless you.” Clint J
“What a beautiful man with a beautiful heart.” Cowgirlsdelight
“When I listened to Dale’s “The Majesty of Heaven”, I cried and then I prayed, “Oh God, I need more of your love, none of my fleshly pride, and more of the realization of heaven and what awaits us, those who love the appearing of Jesus Christ.” Thank you, Dale and Paula, for sharing what God is doing in your lives and ministry.” Nadja Z.
   “Thank you both so much for this glorious teaching from God’s Word. Using some of the very principles you just taught, God did a creative miracle in our Home Group last Wednesday; a color-blind woman received color-vision for the first time in her life! Praise the Lord!” Tim B.
  “Wow, I really needed to hear this message! Your messages are simple and easy for me to grasp! Thank you!”  Christine D.
“I’m from Brazil and I love your channel. God bless you!” Jose A.

Together we are reaching the unchurched for the Lord Jesus. Anyone can help by checking into the benefits of DBM PARTNERSHIP.

Watch this Awesome recent DBM Video: “Faith That Works by Paula Black”


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