Evidence continues to explode on a daily basis showing how the COVID-19 vaccines are literally destroying people’s lives. Uninformed people are willingly allowing themselves and their children to be injected with dangerous experimental shots that prior to 2020 would not even meet the accepted scientific definition for “vaccines.” It is very important to understand what I have been saying for many months now, which is that the COVID-19 plandemic did not corrupt the medical system. The corrupt medical system gave us the COVID-19 scam which is now responsible for mass murder and genocide–even according to the governments own statistics.

This is not a popular view, as the medical system and the pharmaceutical industry probably employ more people than any other industry in order to control the narrative.

If the American public does not want to continue to be abused by medical tyranny, then one needs to understand that the medical and pharmaceutical system is thoroughly corrupt, political, and not based on science at all.

From a spiritual and biblical perspective, it is evil and idolatrous.