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   Since the release of Flight To Heaven in 2010 Capt. Dale has been invited to speak or minister at a variety of events. You may invite him to speak with a simple EMAIL request to: Describe details of your event, address of the location and phone number, with your request. Thank you!


“I’ve been in a lot of church services in over 42 years of ministry. I don’t say this lightly, the service with Dale Black was, without a doubt, the best meeting I’ve ever been a part of!”
Pastor Shawn Machen
Founder and Sr. Pastor / Author
World Victory Church – Moody Alabama

“I’ve hosted many guests on my radio show over the years. But of all the stories I’ve heard, Capt. Dale Black’s is the best one yet, by far! The whole world needs to hear Capt. Dale speak!”
Jeanne Jennay – KFSD Radio
Author, Talk Show Host, Motivational Speaker

“It is a privilege to recommend Dale and Paula Black to you as servants for the Lord Jesus Christ! Their presence with us over the weekend had a profound effect upon us all. Dale’s experience of the plane crash and a trip to heaven has given him an incredible sense of looking at normal life through a spiritual lens and humble spirit.
  It has been my joy over 40 years of ministry to have some wonderful, gifted people who have ministered to our people, but Dale and Paula are right on the top of that list. I appreciate their commitment to Biblical truth, their ability to communicate from the heart as well as the head, and their non-judgmental way of relating to all people.”
Pastor William E. Knopp
First Baptist Church of Corvallis – Corvallis, OR
(If you desire to contact me I can be reached at (541)753-0673 or (541)754-7211. My email is:

“When Capt. Dale speaks – people are changed! Dale’s passion, dedication and devotion are profound. He genuinely loves and cares for every single human being and has committed his life to live what he has learned. Listen to Capt. Dale’s wisdom anywhere and often. Believe me, you too will be changed!”
Arlis Travis
Business Development / Team Leader / Real Estate Broker

“There is no individual Christian that I can recommend more highly for his wisdom, character and as a dynamic speaker than Captain Dale Black. He will electrify and thrill any group he speaks to.”
Dr. Robert Christensen
Former Maxillofacial Surgeon
Author/ Minister / Businessman

“Recently Capt. Dale spoke to over 1100 children and teenagers in our Christian School at Calvary Chapel, Costa Mesa. The kids hung on Dale’s every word. Staff members also were impacted. It was a wonderful message delivered by a wonderful man!”
Greg Steinhaus
Principal – Calvary Chapel’s Maranatha Christian Academy – Costa Mesa, CA

“Many are still talking about Capt. Dale’s passionate presentation. We pray God will continue to use and bless his ministry.”
Pastor Roger Bowman
Senior Pastor – Gateway Nazarene Church – Murrieta, CA

“Capt. Dale’s message is relevant, genuine and inspires people toward a renewed faith in God’s unfailing love and keeping power. His message rings clear with a heart of evangelism.”
Pastor Bob & Susan Beckett
Senior Pastors – Dwelling Place Church – Hemet, CA

Invite Dale to Speak
Invite him to speak with a simple EMAIL request to: Describe details of your event, address of the location and phone number, with your request. Thank you!

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