The European Adoption Consultants (EAC) is a business that was set up in 1991 by then President George H.W. Bush and Bill Barr, his Attorney General. This agency has been caught numerous times in its 41-year history trafficking children by manipulating parents in poor countries with financial incentives, like promising an education for their children abroad, but then placing them in Christian orphanages where American families will pay a high price to adopt the children.

These families pay for these children because in most cases they have been lied to, stating that the children were either orphans, or that their parents did not want them.

Bill Barr and the late George H.W. Bush are not the only high ranking political officials to be reportedly profiting from the trafficking of children. The Clinton Foundation has been involved in adoptions in Haiti for many years. Larry Romanoff, in his very excellent expose on the CIA MK-ULTRA program and child sex trafficking, mentions Haiti as one the CIA’s bases of operation. The Clinton Foundation’s role in adoptions out of Haiti made news in 2010 when Evangelical Laura Silsby and American Baptist missionaries from Idaho tried to traffic 33 children out of Haiti, claiming they were “orphans.”

It is not surprising that Bill Barr and George H.W. Bush met while both were working for the CIA, as the CIA’s secret organization called “The Finders” has been linked to worldwide child sex trafficking including Satanic Ritualistic Abuse. After decades of investigations into The Finders, the CIA finally declassified many of their files on this group at the end of 2021.

Since most people in the U.S. today are being distracted by the alleged “war” in Ukraine, this is probably a good time to remind our readers that Ukraine is at the center of child trafficking in Europe, and the worst kind of child trafficking imaginable, where babies are purchased and groomed to work in child brothels throughout Europe, especially in Germany.