What does God’s word say about how long Christians should live? God has a quality, long life planned for us. But without that knowledge, when we reach 60 or 70, we might easily start winding down and getting ready to depart. But is that God’s best? Psalm 91:16 says, “With long life will I satisfy him, and show him my salvation.”

God’s best is that we live long and strong with purpose and passion. His best is not that we die young before our appointed time. His best is for us to live out the full number of our days.  Enjoy this new video teaching from Dale Black. You’ll likely learn new details about God’s word and what the Bible has to say about how long you can, and should live.

Remember, With God Nothing Is Impossible!
Your brother and sister in Christ Jesus,

Dale and Paula

(Watch “Visiting Heaven: Behind the Scenes with Capt. Dale – Episode 17” Click on image below).

What Others Are Saying:
   Thank you so much for this message on the “Knowing You’ll Go To Heaven.” Before I went to sleep last night, I was asking this very question of God, praying that somehow He would answer me. The, your message turned up this very morning. God has obviously answered my prayer—yet again! This time, it’s such an obvious, visible one that I cannot deny it. Thank you for being God’s messenger and for clarifying. All the very best,” Kaye  
   “Thank you for your obedience in writing “Flight To Heaven.” God has used your book in such a way with me that I have never experienced before. God has never spoken so many things so quickly and directly to me as through this book. Through your entire book it felt like God had let you write it for me only. I could not believe it.” Gawie Visser, South Africa
   “Thank you for your letter i know that every time we give we are reshaping our destiny, i recognize your love for the souls, that love can only come from God and can be kept burning thru seeking God early, really early in the morning, i’ve only found two more people like you whom are easily broken in tears when they speak about God, one in Cuba the other is here working with me,  May God bless you and your family with long life, more light, love and wisdom.” Odelman
   “I thank God for your video ministry. I found your book Flight to Heaven about a year ago. WOW what an impact for me. I don’t believe everyone who claims to have been to heaven, but I do believe you Capt. Black. Showing us glimpses of heaven, a real place, is so comforting. I have discovered your Youtube videos and am watching them almost every day now. Everything you and Paula teach is so on target with truth. Until recently I thought disease was part of growing older (I am 62), but now I understand completely that growing older may mean gray hair and maybe eyesight that is not as it was in my twenties, but not disease!! That is a tool of the ENEMY.  I am so excited to learn more and more from you. THANK YOU.” Pam, from Cincinnati
   “I am watching Visiting Heaven and crying. Thank you. You change my life. I never met anyone who is so humble. Watching your videos helps me to think better and not give up. What you do it is so important. I wish you could come one day to our church. It could be life changing.” Hania, from Poland  

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Click below to watch Dale in “Episode 17 of Visiting Heaven: Behind the Scenes.

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